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 Will there be a "covenant of security" confirmed onYom Kippur this year for Israel ?
Listen up!
  I have been finding a number of Bible Codes that are showing that a "covenant of security"for Israel might take place on the feast day of "Yom Kippur / Day of atonement" This year.  No, I am not predicting here, but only sharing with you what I am discovering.   Therefore I want to share some thoughts and observations with you concerning this possibility.  I will be making up those Bible Codes within the next few days which show this possibility. These Codes have Barack Obama encoded in them along with dates of First Tishri and 10th Tisrhi ( Yom Kippur ) along with other terms.  When Barack Obama shows up in Bible Codes, then its possible that he is encoded there in order to reveal the "time frame" or a "window of time" of certain events perhaps?
 One of the Bible Codes called......." Emergency, the Covenant" has the name "BenNetanyahu" encoded in it on a skip of one interval.  He is the present Prime minister of Israel.  The term "Rapture, First tishri, 10th Tishri are all encoded there along with two codes of...."The Barack" and one code of "Obama."  The term "Kippur" is there several times with a couple of codes of "Atonement" and other terms.   Another Bible Code search term I ran was......"5774.  the Covenant."  Sitting right underneath this search term on the bottom line all in a row is the term "Kippur" on a skip one interval.  The term "kippur" is encoded there 6 times on that one line.   Again, I will be making some of these up and sending them over the next few days.
 Now,  it is traditionally taught and believed by many that the feast of "Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement" will be the time of the second advent of Christ to the earth.  I have no problem with that view,  but I also see another "pattern" which could be a possibility as I am always open to "thinking outside of the box" so to speak.  Some times "thinking inside the box only" can be, in some instances,  a "detriment" as it blinds and clouds our minds of other "avenues of thought " or bits of information which may reveal something enlightening truth that perhaps maybe we haveNOT thought of nor seen before.  Not all, but some areas of prophecy / eschatology are left open for "interpretation."  In otherwords, we may not fully understand the "full picture" or the "correct timing" when it comes to certain passages of propehtic texts. 
  I want you to think with me here for just a moment.  Israel at this present time is being "surrounded" on ALL SIDES by her arab enemies who want to destroy her.  Egypt is falling apart and the terrorists are setting up terrorist camps or bases in the Sinai,  Syria to the north and the borders of the Golan heights and also on the Jordanian borders.  Iran and Russia are both involved with supplying Syria and these terrorist oganizations with destructive military hardware for war.  Israel right now is on HIGHT ALERT for attacks that could happen at any time against her.  Iran has missiles with chemical warheads on them which are aimed at Israel. Lebanon has over 50,000 + missiles aimed at Israel....etc..etc.   So we can see that Israel is totally surrounded and is being "squeezed" and boxed in for the "final battle" which the Arab enemies of Israel are preparing and planning against her.  But don't worry as God has another plan which will overide thwart their plans which they are plotting against Israel.    
  So we can see that Israel at this present time is in a dangerous situation and position that is unprecedented since she has become a nation state.  Over the past number of decades Israel has had relatively good relations with past administrations of the United States, though this present one under Obama has been dragging its feet and speaking out of "both side of its mouth" when I comes to the support of Israel economically, politically, and militarily.
  Having said all that I now want to present a "possible scenario" ( ? ) which I believe could unfold.  With the state of Israel's "security" now being more threatened and dangerous than ever before in the past I see the possiblity of the following taking place at this time.  The Rapture of the Churchis God's "trigger mechanism" which will allow God to initiate "His program" for the fulfillment of His prophetic word concerning His people Israel who need "national redemption" following the "fullness of the Gentiles" ( The Rapture of the Gentile Bride / and the salvation and redemption of national Israel which follows /  Romans chapter 11 ).  
 Therefore here is the possible scenario that I see..........IF the Rapture of the Church happens to take place on the 29th Elul / First Tishri / September 3rd - 5th of this year ( ? ),  THEN it is possible that the "covenant" of peace and security which Israel needs so desparately NOW , and of which will be needed even MORE THAN EVER THAN BEFORE at the time of theRapture, could therefore be confirmed within 10 days later on Yom Kippur.  This is not an absolute, but only a possible scenario that I see.
 Some of you may remember the following, but for those who have never seen this I will show it here.  It is a simple little math formula which could fit into this possible scenario which I am sharing.  God is involved with numbers and math and the Hebrew language has a "mathematical story" to tell.
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55
 There is a Hebrew term which possesses this number in a gematria form.
Bride / Kaph = 20   Lamed = 30   Hay = 5 / total = 55
 The next event for the Church once it has been Raptured and taken into heaven is the "Bema Seat of Christ."  I have made out a little diagram in order to show the "posssible scenario" ( ? )  of certain events.
29th Elul /
First Tishri.........................................................................10th Tishri / Security for Israel confirmed.
Rapture..............................................................................Yom Kippur
1   +   2   +   3   +   4   +   5   +   6   +   7   +   8   +    9   +    10 = 55
{.................Bema Seat of Christ over a 10 day period.............} Bride married seal judgments begin.
 The Bema Seat of Christ takes place BEFORE the seal judgments are opened.  TheBema event for the Church has to take place first before the judgments of the tribulation periodcan even begin.  The Church is no longer seen, nor is spoken of after Revealation chapter 3.  In Revelation chapter 4 we see that the Church ( represented as the 24 elders ) has received her rewards and is casting them ( her crowns ) at the feet of Jesus in Rev. 4:10. and coronation Him.  The  Church is "coronating Christ" by casting their crowns at His feet.  Then the Church ( represented as the 24 elders ) is seen singing the "New Song" in chapter 5 inwhich Rev. chapter6 follows and opens up with the seal judgments.
  Now this is just a "possible scenario" that I see.  I am NOT dogmatic about it, but when one understands "how fast" Israel is going to need "security" as a nation at the time of the Rapture, then this scenario seems plausible.  Israel will NOT have time to "negotiate" and hammer out any deal or peace agreement according to "her demands" under such emergency conditions.  But she will need immediate intervention in order to giver her "security" as the Arab world, whose militaries and governments will be left in tact,  will be "breathing down her throat" like never before and threatening Israel's very existence.  Israel will have no time to waste in such a moment of panic.
 Israel depends on the United States support in every way ( politically, economically, miltarily...etc. ).  She looks to the America as her number one "ally" and friend.   Right now the Obama administration is trying to restart the "peace negotiations" ( John Kerry..etc. ) between Israel and the PLO.  
Question:  Now with Israel's present situation in the middle east what do you think would happen if the Rapture suddenly took place right now, which will bring with it unprecedented chaos to the whole world and intensify the destabilization of the whole middle east on a scale never seen before?
Answer:  That's right!  Israel would be in total panic and would be looking to the United States who in the past has been her number one greatest ally, friend, and supporter.  And you can bet "your pants" that Israel's political heads of state will be begging for help from the United States in order to attain and guarantee "security" for their country and her borders.  
  The United states as a "super power" and as the number one friend of Israel is the ONLY country which could and would be will ing to guarantee the "security" of the state of Israel at the time of the Rapture of the Church.  No one else would, nor could do it!   We have a large armada of ships and military spread throughout the whole region of the middle east and Persian Gulfarea.  Europe couldn't do it and no one else would want to tackle such a task by themselves, but only the US whom Israel leans heavily upon.   
 The Rapture of the Church will bring unprecedented chaos, terror, confusion, and uncertainty onto the world stage, and more importantly it will bring unprecedented "instability" into themiddle east region which is already unstable.  The Rapture event will compound the problem which already exists in that region of the world like never berfore.  Therefore the Rapture of the Church, I believe, is the mechanism which is going to put the final and ultimate "pressure on Israel" and force her hand to accept any deal of security which she is offered.  She will have NO CHOICE but to take the "deal on the table" as she will understand clearly that her national security and survival will depend on it at the time that the Rapture of the Church takes place.  This means then she will have to surrender to the "demands" which will be offered in order to gain "security" for the people of Israel.  I can guarantee you that Israel willNOT be "twidldling her thumbs" and wasting time by being picky about her end of the deal at such a critical hour in which she will find herself in.  The ONLY thing which Israel and her political heads of state will be concerned about above all other concerns will be the "national security" of the state of Israel and her people.  That's how she is going to get "suckered" into such a deal.  But we must remember that it's all part of God's plan.
1 Thessalonians 5:3 ................While they ( Israel ) are saying, Peace and safety!”  then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they ( Israel ) will not escape.
When the Rapture of the Church takes place "suddenly" and without warning, then  you can bet that Israel is going to be crying out for "peace and safety" like never before, since the Rapturewill have now destabalized the whole world, and especially the already destablized middle east region which is already to go into apocalyptic mode!
  You can see how Israel is going to need "security" very quickly once the Rapture has happened.  In past emails I have voiced how there will need to be some "time" pass between theRapture and the "covenant" in order for certain events to unfold and prepare the world for the opening of the tribulation period.  And I have also shared how many scholars have suggested that there could be as much as a "year" or even longer ( some are of the opinion ) between theRapture event and the confirming of the covenant and opening of the tribulation period.   I still believe that some time is needed,  but since none of us knows for certain "how long" or "how much time" will pass,  then this scenario which I have presented here becomes a possible scenario which could take place? 
  The "food for thought" which I have shared here helps us see how Israel will need to "scramble quickly" in order to gain "national security" for the state of Israel.   And therefore it would seem that from this possible scenario which I have presented here would indicate by "reason" that Israel could NOT possibly wait around a "whole year" without any help in order to obtain "security" for the state of Israel.  If the Rapture happens by First Tishri this year ( ? ),  then this makes "Yom Kippur" ( or sooner ) a possible candidate day for the "covenant of security"  for Israel, since it is only "ten days" later.
 I now want to share from the book...."Forbidden Knowledge, or is it"  by D.A. Miller. ( Forward by Chuck Missler ).
Page 92.........."Victor Buksbazen writes in "The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel", that the Jews believe,......"On Yom Kippur God seals the books of accounting which have been opened onNew Years Day ( Rosh HaShanah) inwhich Jews wish one another that their names be "inscribed" into the book of life, in the days leading up to the "Day of Atonement",  when greeting one another or sending greetings in writing, the word is "may you be sealed in the bookf of life."   Although the Day of Atonement is the tenth day of the seventh month, the preceding "seven days" are called by the Jews,....."The Days of Affliction" or "The Days of Awe."
( Now ) on the first day of these "seven days" ( starting on 3rd Tishri );  the fast of Gadaliah is observed.  The next observance during these seven days is called "Shabbat Shuvah,"  which is held on the Sabbath ( Saturday ) of this week.  The last special day of these seven days of Awe, is called.."Erev Yom Kippur" or "Yom Kippur Eve."   Instructions for Yom Kippur command the Jews to...."afflict your souls by a statute forever."  The Jews today still afflict themselves onErev Yom Kippur.  They confess their sins and recite, "For He is merciful and forgives iniquity."  Only after this total week ( seven days ) of soul-searching does the all-important Day of Atonement begin.
Page 94........"To obtain divine forgiveness, one must not only make "peace with God", but also with "man."  The attainment of peace, individual and communal, thus became a prime objectiveof Yom Kippur.  It is in this spirit that Rabbi Eleazar decleared:...."Great peace, for even if Israel is worshiping idols, if they keep the peace and are united, they will be spared the judgment of the Almighty ( Pesikta Rabbati ).
( Interjection here by T.G )............Notice the last paragraph which states........."if they keep peaceand are united, they will be spared the judgment of the Almighty."  Now go with me to Isaiahchapter 28 where this "covenant of death" is mentioned. We will start reading with verse 14.
Isaiah 28:14.................."Therefore, hear the word of the Lord, O scoffers, Who rule this people who are in Jeruslaem,  Because you have said,..."We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have made a pact....The overwhelming scourage will not reach uswhen it passes by,  For we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception."
The "overwhelming scourge" is a reference to the "tribulation period ", which is the "Judgment of the Almighty." And once again according to the rabbinical teaching Yom Kippur is about.. (quote)......."To obtain divine forgiveness, one must not only make "peace with God", but also with "man."  The attainment of peace, individual and communal, thus became aprime objective of Yom Kippur ".....( end quote ).
Question: Will Yom Kippur  be the time when Israel will get their "Peace and Security" covenant with death, at which time they will believe that they will be protected by the "overwhelming scourage" .........Time will tell?
Page 102, 103.
 "The Jewish custom of the ten days of "Teshuvah" begins on Rosh HaShanah and ENDS onYom Kippur.  Within this time their "seven Days of Afflication" present us with even more prophetic significance.  Remember, beginning on the "third of Tishri", the Fast of Gedaliahtranspires.  Nobel Prizewinner S.Y. Agnon tels us in  "Day of Awe,"........."Conscientious readers go into seclusion for "seven days" beginning with the Fast of Gedaliah until Yom Kippur, and study the order of service and mend their deeds and seclude themselves to be alone with their Maker night and day in solitude and piety, as the high priest used to do.
 Note another aspect of Jewish teaching concerning the "Days of Awe."  The Sabbath betweenRosh HaShanah and Yom kippur is called the "Sabbath of Return,"  because then the portion from the Prophets beginning "Return O Israel, unto the Lord thy God" is read ( Hosea 14:2 ).  It is very possible that the "seven days" ( beginning on 3rd Tishri ) during which the Jews prepare themselves spiritually for the Great Day of Atonement is God's picture of the seven-year tribulation.
 Another correlation of Yom Kippur and the day of recognition of Jesus as Messiah is seen in the writing of a Jewish rabbi.  Philip Goodman records an amazing act which ends this "seven day" observance.  On this last day ( which is the Day of Atonement ) the participants pronounce the "infeffable name of God" and bow the knee at the feeling of God's nearness.  Here and only here does the Jew kneel....The congregation prostrates itself beofre the King of Kings.
 We know God promises in the Old and New Testaments that on some future day every knee will bow before Him, but how meaningful this observance becomes when the light of Philippians 2:10sines upon it;...."That at the name of Jesus every knew shall bow."  Yes, even the current observances of Jews reveal that much is already in place for national recognition of their Messiah, Jesus, on some Yom Kippur.
( interjection by Tom G. ).
 Now the author is suggesting here that Yom Kippur is the time when Israel's messiah will show up and therefore Israel will bow before him and acknowledge Him. This would be at the end of thetribulation period.  From what was stated it would seem logical that such rabbincal language would be pointing to a future "Yom Kippur" day.  But let me present another observation here if I may. 
 If the Rapture happened on a future Rosh HaShanah, then the religious Jews would most definitely go in to "seclusion" before their God and search the Torah and have their "eyes opened" to who Yeshua is due to what has just happened.  The "scales" would fall from the Jews eyes which has blinded them from seeing who their true messiah is all this time ( Rom. 11:25 - 27 ).  
 Remember that the "Fast of Gadaliah" begins on the 3rd day of Tishri in which the Jews go into seclusion for seven days and prepare themselves for Yom Kippur.  When the Church isRaptured I believe that the "two witnesses" are going to come with Jesus at that time, whom I believe personally are Moses and Elijah.  Therefore what if ( ? ) starting from First Tishri ( possible Rapture time ) to the 10th Tishri ( Yom Kippur ) the "two witnesses" are revealing to the Jewish religious community in Israel and around the world who Yeshua is.  And while God is preparing the hearts of many religious Jews and opening their eyes to who Yeshua is,  the correct and spiritually deprived "political leadership" of Israel is scrambling to get their "peace and security" covenant for the Jewish nation.
  There is no doubt that the festival of Rosh Hashanah and the "10 days" leading up to Yom Kippur are all connected in a very special way.  These two festivals may be two festivals of observances by "title", but yet they are both connected within a short space of only 10 days with Jewish ritual and observances.   All I am doing here is sharing "food for thought" and I am not making any predictions.  I just know that Israel is going to need "security" immediately following the Rapture of the Church and therefore she can't be particular about how she gets it.  She will take what is given to her "on the table" in order to get her "security" that she will desparately need at that point and time.  I don't know anymore than any of you do as to "when" exactly thatCovenant will be agreed upon and so "speculation" is all that we can go by at this time.
 If Yom kippur is NOT the time for the "Covenant with death", then it might be that Rosh HaShanah has "two applications", or two "roles" to play out.  Perhaps the first application is for theRapture of the Church before the tribulation starts, and the second application would be for Israel at the time of the second advent of Christ to the earth?  Just food for thought.
Continuing: Almost done.
Page 105 -105
"The ceremonies of Yom Kippur close with the trumpet blast called Shofar haGadol.  This great blast sounds upon the "closing of the gate" ceremony which formally ends Yom Kippur.  How like God's words....."And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the holy mount at Jerusalem."  God's word reveals information that ties in a great trumpet blast with the total regathering of the Jews to Israel and the Second Coming of Jesus."
  I believe Yom Kippur will be the exact time that the Jews as a nation, finally believe in thesaving power of Jesus.  This future turning to God is described in the chapters 12 and 14 ofZechariah....."And I will pour out upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication;  and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitternes for him as one that is in biterness for his firstborn."
( Last paragraph - page 105 )
 "The most solemn feast of the seven listed in Leviticus, is the Day of Atonement.  On this day, known as Yom Kippurhangs the fate of the whole nation of Israel.  The high priest enters the Holy of Holies to offer a sacrifice for the sins of the nation.  If the sacrifice is accepted by God, then the nation of Jews rejoices because they have been given another year to live ( end quote ).
That last phrase......"On this day, known as Yom Kippur, hangs the fate of the whole nation."  Yes indeed!  And if a "covenant with death" was agreed upon on that day ( ? ),  then indeed the "fate" of the whole nation of Israel would be hurled headlong into theoverwhelming scourage and judgment of the Almighty, which is the tribulation period / time of Jacob's trouble.
I will be sending some of these Yom Kippur Bible Codes within the next few days.
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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