Malachi 11th Shevat Bible Code; Rapture Watch

By Tom Gaston:
In Christ, Tom Gaston

"Therefore comfort one another with these words".... 1 Thess. 4:18 )
 I am working on another Bible Code in the book of Malachi.  The date..."11th Shevat"... is encoded in this small book of Malachiamazingly three times.   The one I am working on right now has the date..."January 11th"....butted right up underneath the search term "11th Shevat" on skip of only "one interval." 
This Code is loaded folks with "terms" which are showing that the Lord may very well be coming by " tomorrow" at the "close of the sabbath", opening of the first day of the week Sunday ??? ( On Israel's time clock ).  
 The apostle John states in Revelation 1:10 - 11 ( 1 1 1 1 )......."I was in the "Spirit" on the Lord's day, and I heard behind me a loud voice "like" the sound of a trumpet,.....saying,  "Write in a book what you see, and send it to the seven churches........etc."
Take close look at the Scripture chapter and verses.......Chapter 1:1011
11 0 11........I see the " zero " in the middle as a statement that "Time is up", or that "we are out of time.
 John was given the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" on a "Sunday" ( the Lord's day / Ending Sabbath / first Day of the week ), which is the day of His resurrection and the day in which the first century Church "gathered together" ( 1 Thess. 2:1...."our gathering together unto Him...etc. ).
  I have always believed that the Lord may very well "repeat " a "Sundayresurrection" for His Church.   Sunday represents the " 8th day",  the number ( 8 ) which stands for "New Beginnings."   And I find it very intriguing and suspicious that God decided to give the apostle John the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" ( the Apocalypse - the conclusion of mans day ) to the "seven Churches" on a Sunday.
As the old preachers sermon says........."Sunday is coming."
 Will our departure from earth to heaven take place tomorrow on 11th January / 11th Shevat ???  As always "I don't know conclusively???", but we will have to "wait and see" if there will be any fulfillment on these two dates tomorrow??? 
 I am Hoping and praying that we will go by tomorrow???  But if not???,  then I will continue to search and look for the Lord's coming on the next day of Sunday January 12th, and if not on Sunday, then onMonday, and if not Monday, then Tuesday.......etc...etc.  You all get the picture here!  
Every day I will continue to look for His appearing until He comes!  And when that day comes,  then we won't have to watchand wait for Him any longer will we, but praise His name we willfinally be in His presence FOREVER!
Even so,  Come Lord Jesus!
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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 Bible Code...."in Havdalah" Malachi 2:10 to 3:3 / Skip 141
Wow!  What a Bible Code!
 This is another exicting Bible Code as it could be ( ? )  the "final nail in the coffin" confirming and pointing to the 11th Shevat / January 11th dates as the time of our departure??  
   For you who do NOT know what "Havdalah" means I have given the explanation below from my Bible Codes. If what I am finding is "accurate?" ( And the Lord only knows for sure! ),   then I believe that the Lord is going to come at the "END" of the Sabbath at the time of the "Havdalah" ceremony ( closing of the Sabbath day).  This is the reason why I ran this phrase in the book of Malachi where the date "11th Shevat" is encoded. 
Now In this Bible Code you will see that the date for Shevat reads........."10th - 11th Shevat", and for good reason.  The reason why I believe that it reads and was encoded this way is because it is showing the ENDING of one day ( the 10th Shevat Sabbath ) and the beginning of the next day ( the 11th Shevat Sunday -  Israel time ) 
 Israel is 8 hours ahead of us so the "Sabbath" which is already in progress today will close in Israel tomorrow "late morning" about 10:00 my time central.  Then the day of 11th Shevat will begin, which will be "Sunday" in Israel.  If the Lord is going to come for us at this time ?  Then He will come ENDING the Sabbath day
I am really excited about this Bible Code!
Havdalah Ceremony ( Closing of the Sabbath day )
( Quote ):  "Distinction".  This is the blessing recited by the religious
Jews at the termination of the Sabbaths and the festivals in
order to emphasize the distinction between the sacred and
the ordinary, with regard to the Sabbath ( or festival ) which
is ENDING and the ordinary weekday which is starting....( end quote ).
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In Christ, Tom Gaston


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