Four Blood Moons 2015 September; Elul 29, Shemitah year 5775 Rapture Tribulation Period

The rare four blood moons ( two of them in 2014, and two of them in 2015) I believe are God's "signal and sign" in the heavens ( signs and for seasons...etc. ) to us which are pointing to this specific window of time in which we are in right now, and of which I believe He may very well bring about the fulfillment of the fullness of the Gentiles ( completion of the Church / theRapture ), and that He is introducing and announcing the last "sabbatical seven year cycle" ( prophetic week of Dan. 9:27 ) which will start and run its course at the beginning of Israel's next seven year sabbatical cycle.
 The first two blood moons in 2014 ( I believe ) were for the purpose of "announcing" and heralding the "opening " of the Shemitah year 5775which began in the fall of 2014 on First Tishri / September 25th.  And thelast two blood moons in 2015 ( I believe ) are for the purpose of "announcing" the "close" of the Shemitah year 5775 on Elul 29 / September 12th / 13th and possibly the start of the tribulation period which will commence at the opening of Israel's next seven year sabbatical cycle.  These four blood moons which all take place on Jewish feast days ( in 2014and 2015 )  will not occur for around another 600 years.  Therefore I am convinced that they NO DOUBT are very significant and very propehtic, as they are "heralding" great prophetic events of God which are about to take place and unfold.
 Therefore I am of the "opinion" at this time that the first week inSeptember could indeed possibly be the "Countdown" week to the Rapture of the Church and the beginning of the tribulation period at the opening of Israel's next seven year sabbatical cycle, which begins on 1rst Tishri /September 13th / 14th, especially with the Global Stock Market crisis which is just getting "warmed up" for the final crash which is imminent, and of which would fit perfectly into the timing of all of this.  Does it mean then that because I believe this that it will all happen?  No!  But I believe with all my heart that there is a "strong case" to believe that we may very well be in the "imminent window of time" for such prophetic drama to unfold like no other time in the past, since we have an exhaustive amount of evidence piling up all around us, and of which is pointing to this year as "the candidate year."
Now, look at the following gematria which I just discovered.  It appears that this gematria is suggesting that the "four blood moons" could possibly be connected to the date Elul 23 ( ? ), as an important event may very well take place on this day, especially since this is the anniversary day of 9 -11 on the Jewish calendar. 
[..............................Four blood moons the sign Elul 23.........................]
א  ר  ב  ע  ה     י   ר  ח  י     ד  ם     ה   ס   י  מ   ן     א  ל  ו  ל  כ  ג        
3   20  30   6  30   1      700   40  10   60    5       600   4      10   8   200 10       5   70    2   100  1 
The total = 2015
  I tellya,  the timing of the "Market Crisis" is uncanny timing folks in respect to the important "window of time" which we are in right now. And I strongly believe that the "time is perfect" for God to use this Stock Marketcrisis and the Rapture of the Church in concert simultaneously together in order to be the "trigger mechanism" which will hurl the world headlong into judgment when He pulls the Church out.  Yes, the timing is perfect for such a prophetic scenario to unfold!
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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