Rapture Watch; September 2015; stunning bible code

  What I am about to show you is stunning!
 Rabbi Glazerson is a well known Bible Code researcher in Israel.  He has written a number of books on the "Bible Codes."  In his video ( I copied and pasted the link below ) he shows the text of Daniel where it speaks about the "Until the time of the End."   This phrase is used by Daniel the prophet 3 times in the following texts....Dan. 11:35;   12:4,  12:9. 
 Now below here I have taken this exact phrase which is in the surface text of Daniel and its Hebrew spelling whichGlazerson shows in his video, and I have listed the Hebrew letters and their gematria values of this phrase.  Hebrew reads from right to left, and so the last Hebrew letter to the far left of this phrase below (  ץ  )  is the Hebrew "final letter" / Tsady
 Now there are two Tsady letters used in the Hebrew alphabet.  One is a "standard" letter which is within the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet itself, and the other which is called a "final Tsady."   There are "five final " Hebrew  letters which are used in addition to the standard 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. These "final letters" are what I call "twin letters" with the other five standard letters which are used in the Hebrew alphabet, and of which have the same name, but look different in appearance than the other five "final letters." They also have different numerical values.
 When a Hebrew word "ends" with one of the five "standard letters" which are "twin letters" ( by name only ) to the other five final letters, as is the case in this phrase below in Daniel, then the "final letter" on the end of the word is used to complete the spelling of that Hebrew word.  You will see below that both Tsady letters ( the standard and thefinal ) both have different letter values, and they look different in appearance.
( Standard Tsady ) 90 = צ             
Used in the Daniel phrase ( Final Tsady ) 900 = ץ
The standard letters which are "twins" to the finals ......Kaph = 20   Mem = 40   Nun = 50   Pe = 80     Tsady = 90  
Final letters.......................Kaph = 500   Mem = 600   Nun = 700    Pe = 800    Tsady = 900 
You can see that the "final letters" have a much higher numerical value than the standards letters that have the sametitle. I don't show what each letter looks like, but once again the standard letters have a different appearance than thefinal letters.  Now there are a lot of people who do Hebrew gematria who do not use the "values" of these "final letters" in their Gematria research.  Why they don't, I have no idea?   The result of "not using" the proper gematria values of these final letters which are used in the spelling of Hebrew words means that your "total value" when added up will be different due to the fact that you are using the "lower value" of from the standard letter instead of using the higher value which has been assigned to the "final letter.
 Now I learned about these "final letters" from Bonnie Gaunt who also was a "Gematria Researcher" has written serveral books on "Gematria."  A number of years ago, while talking to her on the phone,  Bonnie informed and introduced me to these five final Hebrew letters which are part of the Hebrew alphabet which I knew nothing about.  Once I knew about these five additional final letters, then I started using their assigned values, and it has made all the difference in the world.  
  Below is the phrase in Daniel which Rabbi Glazerson shows in his video.  Now I don't know if this Rabbi uses the higher number values of the "final letters" ( ? ).  Nevertheless I use them because they have their own numerical values which differ from the other standard letters.   And so I can tell you right now that anyone who is doing Gematria, and who fails to use these "final letters" and their higher gematria values are NOT going to find what I am findingbecause they are using the wrong values, as they are assigning to the "final letters" the values of their standardletters which are much lower in value.   Nevertheless I think God is using both aletnate methods of the usage of these letter and there values interchangeably.  Enough said about all of this. 
I now want to show you below what I have discovered today gematria using this phrase out of Daniel which Rabbi Glazerson was speaking of.
[.....Until the time of the End......]
ע   ד       ע    ת       ק      ץ
900  100       400   70          4    70 / total = 1544 
 I now want to take the gematria value of this phrase in Daniel, and I want to add the following gematria values to its value of 1544.
What I am about to show you is really amazing!    The important month of Elul falls in the month of August / September.  This year the 29th Elul falls on September 13th.  I therefore want to just take the month of Elul and its gematria value, and also the gematria value for September plus the 13th day since it is the 29th Elul ( The eve ofRosh Ha Shanah ), and add it to the value of this Phrase in Daniel.......... Watch what happens!  This is stunning!
Elul / Aleph = 1  Lamed = 30  Vav = 6   Lamed = 30 / total = 67
September 13th / Sameck = 60  Pe = 80   Teth = 9   Mem = 40   Beth = 2   Resh = 200 / Yod = 10   Gimmel = 3 / The total sum = 404
Until the End of the Time = 1544 + 67 Elul + September 13th = 2015
 Now I wouldn't have found this amazing gematria if I would have used the standard value for the standard Tsady which = 90 vs. the value of the final Tsady which = 900.  So you can see here how important it is to use the assigned values which has been given to each Hebrew letter.  
I am really excited about this amazing find!
Even so, come Lord Jesus!
In Christ, Tom Gaston
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Bible code expert Rabbi Glazerson.... / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwGbz4gpyBk




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