Rosh Ha Shanah; Christians vanish gematria

When I found this gematria I started rising up out of my seat as if I was already on my way up and in my final launch!   This is an amazing gematria, and it goes right along with the other "two" right below it.

[........................Christians vanished in Rosh Ha Shanah.................]
נ   ו   צ   ר   י   ם     נ   ע   ל   מ   ו     ב   ר   א   ש     ה   ש   נ   ה
5     50  300     5       300     1    200   2        6    40    30    70   50     600   10   200  90    6    50 / total = 2015

[.............Christ in Rosh Ha Shanah 5776 the bride.............]
י  ש  ו    ב  ר  א  ש    ה  ש  נ  ה     ת  ש  ע  ו     ה  כ  ל  ה
5    30  20   5        6  70  300  400      5   50 300   5     300    1  200  2       6  300  10 / total = 2015

[..........................And in Rosh Hashanah the Feast of Trumpets....................]
ו   ב   ר   א   ש     ה   ש   נ   ה     ה     ח   ג     ש   ל     ח   צ   ו   צ   ר   ו   ת
400   6   200  90     6   90     8        30   300       3     8         5        5    50  300     5        300    1    200    2     6

The amazing total = 2015

For all three of these gematria's on Rosh Ha Shanah to be the same value is really something to behold, and it suggests strongly that the Rapture of the Church may very well take place in 2015 on Rosh Ha Shanah, which will begin in Israel tomorrow in late morning here in the US. on Sunday September 13th.  All three of these having the same value of  2015 makes me very suspicious that perhaps they could indeed be "authentic?"  The odds are against all three of these having the same gematria value, unless perhaps they are legitimate?  And if they are ( ? ), then this would mean then that God designed them, and that He is the author of them.  We will know by tomorrow / Monday one way or the other!

Today may be our "last full day" on this planet for the Church?  And that is a sobering and an exciting thought which very well may become a reality by tomorrow?

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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