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A = 6  B=12  C=18  D=24  E=30  F=36  G=42  H=48 I=54  J=60  K=66  L=72  M=78  N=84  O=90  P=96 Q=102  R=108  S=114  T=120  U=126  V=132 W=138  X=144  Y=150  Z=156 /Example: Computer= 666 



A Equals six is revealing truth = 2016


And Blood moons of twenty fifteen =2016


The 29th Adar two year = 2016


 Last year in 2015 we had a "total solar eclipse" onMarch 20th / 29th Adar ( last day of Adar ) which was the "eve" of the opening of God's religious calendar year on 1rst Nisan.  Then in 2016 on March 19th which was once again 29th Adar we had another "total solar eclipse" which took place.   And the gematria above of "The 29th Adar two year" is correct because the year 2016 is an "Adar two year" on Israel's calendar. 



Antichrist covenant with death in =2016


Peace covenant in Passover in April =2016



Eph. 4:30 says......."And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom "you were sealed" for the day of redemption."


"The day of redemption" is the time when Christ will come for His Church and give His saints new "glorifed bodies" which will be compatible for the "eternal state" in which the Church will be entering.  Christ will give new bodies to those who died in Christ ( those whom He is bringing with Him - 1Thess.4:14 ), and He will also give new bodies to those believers in Christ who will be alive ( 1 Thess. 4:13-18 ).  Therefore the Church and every member of it is "sealed by the Holy Spirit" all the way up to this very day of the resurrection / Rapture of the Church.  The Church is "kept by the power of God" until Christ comes to get His body which He has purchased with His own blood ( 1Peter 1:3-5 ).



1rst / 2nd Nisan is on Friday / Saturday - April 9th and 10th of this week. 



 Look these two interesting gematria's below.


Nisan one and two, Nisan one and two= 2016


The Church is sealed, Nisan one and two = 2016 ( Is this suggesting that perhaps the 1rst - 2nd Nisan might be the "window of time" in which the Church might be Raptured? )


Those are pretty interesting!



Here are more gematria's below.


A global financial crash Nisan one and two = 2016


A global financial crash is coming in April = 2016


In April a disaster will strike in = 2016


Rapture in a twinkling of an eye in =2016


In April the age of grace will conclude in = 2016


The final year for the church in April =2016


In April all Christians disappear in =2016


And in April Messianic Jews disappear = 2016


And in April planes fall from the sky =2016


Vehicle crashes in the USA in April in =2016


And Barack Obama declares a National Emergency = 2016


The world leader Barack Hussien Obama in = 2016


Islam will take over America in April =2016


United States , USA , America has ceased in = 2016


The nations are in total crises in =2016


The crossroads for the world is = 2016


He dies, the Prime Minister of Israel =2016


Benjamin Netanyahu is assassinated =2016


The middle east in April clashes in war= 2016


The prophecy of Damascus in Syria =2016


Bashar Al-Assad is killed in month April = 2016





A = 6  B=12  C=18  D=24  E=30  F=36  G=42  H=48 I=54  J=60  K=66  L=72  M=78  N=84  O=90  P=96 Q=102  R=108  S=114  T=120  U=126  V=132 W=138  X=144  Y=150  Z=156 /Example: Computer= 666 



A equals six in Computer Gematria =2016


Our Great God and Savior is Jesus =2016


( KJV )  2 Thessalonians 2:1...."Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gaterhing together unto him."


Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ =2016.....Confirmation from the King James!!!


Our gathering together unto Him =2016.....Confirmation from the King James!!!



Wow!  Holy jumping Rapture Glands!  Look at that would you!!!!!!!


Yeshua is coming!  Yeshua is coming!= 2016


Yeshua is coming, is coming in April! =2016


The ninth day of April is coming in =2016


The Rapture before month of May in =2016


It's time for the Rapture year of = 2016


Time shall be no more for the believer= 2016


Great rejoicing in heaven, Christ's Bema = 2016


Bema and crown of righteousness in =2016


Christ's Bema, Casting our crowns =2016


The Church around the throne, April =2016 


Christ's Jubilee celebrated in heaven in = 2016


The heavenly reunion of the Bride in =2016


And the seventieth week commences in = 2016


The wrath and indignation of God is in= 2016

Woe! The beginning of the END in April in = 2016


Moses and Elijah of Revelation come in = 2016


And the Passover of destruction =2016



In Christ, Tom Gaston



In Christ, Tom Gaston






















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