Hillary Clinton, the Harbinger, The Apocalypse. Rapture Imminent!

Wow!  Your not going to believe this folks!

Because of what Hillary Clinton said yesterday..."I'am the only thing standing between us and the Apocalypse"...I therefore decided to look up the following Hebrew phrase and its gematria value.

This is going to blow your holy socks right off of your holy feet folks!

Remember that Hebrew reads from right to left.  The Hebrew letters which I have marked in "Red " in this phrase below spells "The Apocalypse."  The rest of the phrase is "And Hillary Clinton."

[......................The Apocalypse and Hillary Clinton.....................]
ה  ה  ת  ג  ל  ו  ת     ו  ה  י  ל  א  ר  י     ק  ל  י  נ  ט  ו   ן
700 6   9   50 10  30 100     10 200  1   30  10   5   6      400   6  30   3   400  5    5 / total = 2016.........Wow!!!!
[.......................Clinton Hillary And......................]....[........The Apocalypse......]

Wow!!!! What are the "odds" of this Hebrew gematria calculating to the year 2016?

The Hebrew term "Apocalypse" and its spelling in the phrase above is from the "Hebrew Lexicon" in my Bible Codes 2000 program which came out of Israel. It is also the spelling for the term "Revelation" ( Apocalypse / Revelation - both the same ).  The name "Hillary Clinton" is also from this Hebrew program.  Here is the quote below from my Bible Codes program.

Quote:...."The name of the last book of the New Testament, also called "Revelation".....( end quote ).

America and the world is presently "right on the verge" of entering into the divine judgments of God which will begin to unfold starting in the opening of Revelation chapter 6:1.  The opening of the seal judgments begins the seven year tribulation period spoken of in Scripture.  And this seven year period of the divine judgment and wrath of God concludes in Revelation 19 with Christ returning to the earth at His second advent.

We are at the END!  And the Rapture of the Church is about to happen! And the "Ship America" is about to sink into the "Abyss of no return" along with the rest of the world!!!

What a time to be alive to see the Bible unfold right before our very eyes!

Until He comes!!!!!


In Christ, Tom Gaston


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God at this time is even speaking and sending out a warning of His coming judgments right out of the "mouth of wicked Hillary Clinton."  She doesn't realize how prophetic her statement is which she made yesterday.  For us Christians who are looking for the Lord's return this statement she made should be a Heads up for us that the Jesus is about to come and get His Church.  And by the way,  Hillary Clinton is NOT the "only thing standing between us and the apocalypse", but more accurately it is Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit who is standing standing between us and the coming apocalypse.  And I can tell you this that Jesus will NOT be standing "in the gap" for very much longer as He is about to Rapture us all home!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m The Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’

October 11, 2016

This election is extremely important, maybe even the most important ever, The New York Times reports. “I’m the last thing standing between you and the apocalypse,” Hillary Clinton says.

“Near existential,” Tim Kaine, VP candidate calls it.

This piece spends thousands of words on how much Clinton has suffered, how dangerous Donald Trump is, and while admitting Trump’s chances are bleak, seems to imply he might still have a shot at the presidency.

“It does feel much different,” Clinton said. “If I were running against another Republican, we’d have our disagreements, don’t get me wrong, and I would be trying to make my case vigorously. But I wouldn’t go to bed at night with a knot in the pit of my stomach.”

“I had the opportunity to meet a lot of presidents over the years,” Clinton said. “I’ve had my disagreements with them. But I never doubted for a nanosecond that they got up every morning trying to figure out what was the best path forward for the country.” At least, she added, “they were serious people.”

Clinton’s campaign continues to push fear of the Trump as the best reason to vote for her. In moments, Clinton will say she’s not going to lose, but the overall message of her campaign is, vote for me, or else.


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