We have reached THE END folks! #ccot #Rapture Watch Jesus Saves

We have reached THE END folks!

Do you all see what is happening here during America's final and last presidential debate!  I believe that God has raised up Donald Trump, not just for the purpose of "forcing the hand" of the NWO / Elite to make their "final move" on America and the whole world, but I believe that God is "offering" to our corrupt American leadership in our government who is controlled by the NWO global Elite of this world an "historic and prophetic choice and opportunity" for "real change."  You see, God even warns the "wicked" of this world right before judgment falls.  Our leadership in America is totally corrupt and controlled by powerful wicked men. 

God uses even the wicked of this world for His purposes ( Rom. 9:17-23 ).  And so even though Donald Trump is not a born again christian, and that he has his own "personal issues" concerning his performance and private and moral character, yet God I believe is raising him up and presenting him to our corrupt government and the American people as the "last resort and opportunity" for America ( The last Trump ).  Therefore I believe that Donald Trump is God's "last offer" to America and her corrupt leadership right before  His judgment falls upon her and the world.

As president of the United States Donald Trump would "clean house" in Washington DC. as he would begin to "kick out and remove" all the NWO global elite "puppets" who have been controlling America's Economic and foreign policies...etc...etc.  You talk about a fire storm!  With Donald Trump as president "there would be hell to pay!"  And I believe many would be going to prison who were involved in "treason" against this country in many areas of government.  And so I believe that the "establishment" is NEVER going to let this happen!

Here is the "catch 22" which sadly I believe is going to "play out" in all of this folks!  And Of course God already knows what our corrupt leaders and citizens are going to do with this "final offer."  I believe that even though God is now presenting to America's corrupt leadership and its citizens "The last opportunity" to be set free from this "NWO global elite and facist tryanny" which has been controlling Washington DC. and manipulating America since its inception, yet I believe that our corrupt government and wicked citizens of this country are going to tragically reject this offer and turn it down when they go to the polls to vote.  But that's if America even makes it to November 8th without out a "National Crisis" taking place??? ( Could be the Rapture , the assassination of Donald Trump, or a national "false flag" attack on America to keep Obama in power? )

If Donald Trump became president, then even many of the Republican leaders would be prosecuted for "treason."  And so they are NOT going to support Donald Trump and would therefore rather see Hillary Clinton become president so they can remain in power and escape prosecution.  Therefore Donald Trump is a horrendous threat to the NWO globalists elite and their "puppets" whose strings they pull in Washington DC.  And so our corrupt Republican leaders who are NOT supporting Donald Trump are JUST AS GUILTY as the Democrats.

I believe that Donald Trump is God's chosen vessel which He is using for His divine and prophetic purposes in these "final moments of history" as we know it. And I believe that Trump is God's "Harbinger" who is signalling to the awake and watching body of Christ that the "Rapture of the Church" is about to happen which will bring about the "End of America!"

The "sleeping and deceived political activist Church" here in America who has put their "hope in government" is NOT going to save this country by voting for Donald Trump!   And even though I believe that God has raised up Donald Trump, yet he still is NOT the savior of this country.  He is obviously the "last offer" of which our corrupt leaders and citizens will turn down.

  It is clear and obvious to me that God has a totally different plan than what Christians in America are invisioning at this time.  For if God was going to save America and keep her going for another 100 years, then He would have turned this country back to Himself a long time ago through all the prayers, fasting, and political activism which the Church here in America has been involved in on behalf of this country for decades upon decades, but of which has NOT worked in twisting God's arm into doing "what they" want Him to do.  This country continues "hand over fist" in defiance against God and His warnings to this country.

  Now despite all these efforts on behalf of God's Church here in America, yet this country continues on the same course of destruction with no change in sight.  Why?  Because God obviously has His own divine prophetic plans which are NOT the plans of the "sleeping Church" in America who is oblivious to God's prophetic program. The majority of the Church here in America doesn't know "what time it is on God's prophetic clock."

Many Christians cannot accept the fact that God is getting ready to "dissolve America", which means therefore that the Rapture of the Church is more imminent than ever before than in any other time in history.  And these ingnorant and misinformed Christians who lack understanding in the area of "Biblical Eschatology" ( prophecy ) have replaced the "blessed hope" and the coming of Jesus for His Church with the idea that their prayers and political activism is what is "steering the Hand of God" and directing "His will" in the direction that "they" want it to go.  They therefore feel that God has dumped in "their laps" the responsibility of saving America, or letting it collapse based upon either their faithfulness or their lack of faithfulness.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The Church is NOT directing the will of God, but rather God is in charge of His own will, plans, and purposes.  God is totally sovereign!  And He has NOT, nor will He ever hand over "His sovereign will" to be controlled, guided, and determined by the Church who operates within the borders and realm of a "finite mind."  That would be a total disaster!

In conclusion here I want to repeat that I believe that Donald Trump is simply "God's final offer and warning" to corrupt America whom she is going to reject and discard!  God even warns the "wicked" of this world right before Judgment falls!  America is NOT going to turn, but instead she is going to fall flat on her face before God in judgment!  Once The Rapture of the Church takes place, then America will completely collapse!

America's "final year " and "final hour" has finally come before God!

We are at "THE END!"

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

In Christ, Tom Gaston



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