Stage Set for "The Covenant with Death" Isaiah 28:14; Daniel 9:27; #CCOT #RAPTURE WATCH #MARANATHA #ISTANDWITHISRAEL

[......................Donald Trump and Pence, and covenant in 5777.................]
ד  ו  נ  ל  ד    ט  ר  א  מ  פ    ו  פ  נ  ס,    ו  ב  ר  י  ת    ב  ת  ש  ע  ו
6  70  300  400  2     400 10  200 2    6       60  50  80  6     80  40    1   200  9      4   30  50  6    4

The total = 2017

The following terms have the gematria value of 612.

ב   ר   י   ת
400 10   200   2 / total = 612

[...The UN...]
ה  א  ו  "ם
600   6    1    5 / total = 612

The last 5 letters of the Hebrew spelling for the United States spells out the phrase..."The covenant."  Remember that Hebrew reads from right to left.

[..................United States................]
א  ר  צ  ו  ת    ה    ב   ר   י   ת

J   E  R  U  S  A  L  E  M

I believe that America is going to play a role in "Israel's security."  And it is very possible that this man "antichrist" whom I believe is already known, active, and involved in the "global political arena" could very well come directly out of the United Nations.  The UN. is NOT located in Israel, Russia, China, Japan...etc..etc., but right here in the USA.  And now we have a new president Donald Trump who is "pro-Israel " like no other administration in the past who is going to stand shoulder to shoulder with Isreal. He wants to stomp out all of Radical Isalm.  This he stated himself at his inaugural address.

Quote:............"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to US President Donald Trump this evening ( Sunday, 22 January 2017 ), in what was a very warm conversation. The Prime Minister expressed his desire to work closely with President Trump to forge a common vision to advance peace and security in the region, with "no daylight" between the United States and Israel ( In otherwords the US. and Israel will be totally "united" ( will become one ) while working in concert with one another in order to achieve "Peace and Security" / 1rst Thess. 5:3 ). The two leaders discussed the nuclear deal with Iran, the peace process with the Palestinians and other issues. President Trump invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to come to Washington to meet him in February. A final date for the visit will be set in the days ahead.....( end quote ).

The prophetic stage is set, and everything is in place for the "Covenant with death" ( Is. 28:14,15    Dan. 9:27 ) to be made between Israel and the antichrist!

I hope that you all understand the signficance concerning the new "Trump administration" which is and will be more "pro-Israel" and supportive of God's chosen people in every way more than any other administration prior to it.  Therefore the new Trump administration is "epic in proportion and unprecedented" for America and for Israel prophetically speaking as Israel will finally have an American administration who will fully support her militarily.

Do you all see what is happening folks!   The reality is that the Obama administration ( as we know full well ) was NOT onboard with Israel 100% throughout those 8 years, but instead it was working to make Israel "divide up God's land", something God has instructed Israel NOT to do according to Scripture!  And such diabolical political pressure by the abmoninable Obama administration and other institutions ( UN...etc..etc. ) were and are threatening the National Security and existence of Israel.

  I personally believe that one of the several reasons why God has raised up Donald Trump and his administration is so that this "covenant with death" can come forward and be confirmed.  We now know that this was not possible with the Obama administration. You see, the reality is this!  No one ( no man ) has the ability to promise and guarantee the "security" of the state of Israel without a "powerful standing military."  For such a feat would be virtually impossbile for anyone to pull off since Israel lives in a "very bad neighborhood" where she is surrounded by Islamic terrorist states which have been and are threatening Israel's very existence. I believe that God through the new Donald Trump administration is now opening a "new chapter" prophetically for America, Israel, and the whole world at large. This means that the Rapture of the Church has to be very close!

Therefore it is obvious to me that God is just about ready to "restart" Israel's prophetic program which has been put on "hold" until He completes the Church and the age of grace which is going to conclude at the time of the resurrection / rapture event ( Rom. 11:25-27 ), and of which I believe is more imminent than ever before due to all the acceleration of important global events which are unfolding at lightning speed in the middle east and abroad, and of which are about to lead the world headlong into the day of the Lord / tribulation period.

  God ( I believe ) at this time is most definitely putting his "prophetic players" in place onto the world stage in order to fulfill His prophetic word and bring "mans rule and reign" to an END!  And so I'am convinced that one of the main reasons why God has raised up Donald Trump and his administration at this time is for the purpose of being able to guarantee Israel's security by using the America's powerful military which could play a leading role prophetically by enforcing such security for Israel ( at least at the beginning ), though America's power and the power of the nations of the world will begin to dwindle once God's judgments are unleashed upon the world.

Now listen to me carefully!  I am NOT saying that Donald Trump is the "antichrist."  What I am trying to show you and help you understand is this, that when God removes His Church, then the "restrainer " who is none other than the Holy Spirit will cease His restraining which will then allow this "man of sin" to come forward onto the scene.  And so when the Rapture happens I believe that Israel is going to need some "outside protection" under such chaotic and unpredictable cirumstances which has just overtaken the earth at the time of the Rapture.  Israel lives in a very volatile and hostile region of the world whose Arab peoples are threatening their very existence.

The majority of Arab states and their governments and their militaries will be left virtually in tact at the time of the Rapture since they were not believers in Christ.  Israel will therefore need some immediate military security in that region of the world other than themselves in order to try and stablize that region following the Rapture event.  This is where I believe the Trump administration here in America who is strongly pro-Israel could play a huge vital role by "standing in the gap" for Israel ( as a type of earthly restrainer ) until this covenant with death is confirmed by the AC., which I believe will be done rather quickly with no time to waste under such a global emergency.

The bible is clear that "peace" is NOT taken from the earth UNTIL the "second seal."  And so for all practical purposes then one has to reason out the fact that if the "restrainer" ( the Holy Spirit ) has been removed along with the Church, and that peace cannot be taken from the earth UNTIL the seals are opened, which means that the covenant with death has been confirmed, then God is going to have to use another restraining agent within the earth that would help give some immediate military security to Israel which would prevent and hold back an attempt and all out assault on the state of Israel by the Arab Islamic world prior to the "seal judgments" being opened. 

  Now the bible doesn't tell us how much time will "transpire" between the Rapture of the Church and the confirming of this covenant with death, though I believe it has to be short lived, otherwise the world would explode into pre-armageddon scenario which would take peace from the earth very quickly before the tribulation could even get under way.  This cannot happen as it would be "out of order" and in contradiction to God's word.  Therefore God could most certainly use the new Trump pro-Israel administration and America's military power and might as a "type of restrainer" within the earth against Israel's enemies right at the "beginning" UNTIL this covenant is confirmed, and thus the seals are opened which then begins the seven year tribulation period.

America, Israel, and the world I believe have now come to their "prophetic crossroads", as it is clear to me that God is now opening a "new chapter" in world history which has great significance and prophetic importancy which is going to culminate and lead the world very shortly right into the "Day of the Lord / Tribulation period."

In conclusion here I want you to understand that if the Rapture would have happened under the Obama administration, then it would have been a disaster for Israel, as she would not have had the full support and protection of the United States military under the Obama administration. Therefore I believe that God has waited to Rapture His Church UNTIL His chosen vessel "Donald Trump" and his administration has been raised up and put into place in order to play an important and vital role for Israel's protection and security when the Rapture happens so that the world will not go into "pre-apocalypse mode" which would take peace from the earth prior to the seal judgments being opened and the tribulation period starting. God is not going to let this happen as it would contradict His own word.

We are there folks!  The Rapture of the Church is imminent like never before!

Until He comes!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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