Harbinger Warning #Purim Annular Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

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Stunning Gematria and information below which I have prepared for all of you!

[................And the battle is raging on Purim..............]
ו  ה  ק   ר  ב    מ  ש  ת  ו  ל  ל    ב  פ  ו  ר  י   ם
600 10 200  6   80   2     30   30  6 400  300  40      2   200 100   5   6 / total = 2017


By the way, did you all know that there is going to be an annular solar eclipse take place coming up on Monday February 26th.  It was stated on the news that following the END of this eclipse the moon is going to turn red."   Pastor Riley conveyed this to me today. He saw this report on World News.  I give the links concerning this eclipse below.

What I find so intriguing about this solar eclipse is the fact that it is going to take place on the last day of the Jewish month of Shevat ( the 30th ) , which then begins the 1rst day of the month of Adar, the month for the important festival of Purim and also the month in which Haman was plotting to annihilate the Jewish people in Persia in the book of Esther.

Question:  Is it possible that this "Solar Eclipse" and "Red Moon" which is to follow is a "divine harbinger" from God in the heavens which is warning Israel and the world right at the "opening" of the month of Adar , and that it is signalling momentous events perhpas which might begin to unfold in the month of Adar leading up to the important festival of Purim?  An interesting and stimulating thought indeed!

February 26, 2017 — Annular Solar Eclipse



[......................The war, and destruction in the Middle East Adar 15th....................]
ה    מ  ל  ח  מ  ה,    ו  ה  ר  ס    ב  מ  ז  ר  ח    ה  ת  י  כ  ו  ן    א  ד  ר  ט  ו
6    9  200  4    1     700  6  20 10 400  5       8   200  7  40    2     60  200  5    6        5   40   8   30  40       5

The total = 2017.......Fascinating in light of the fact that the "first" and "second" Gulf wars are both connected to the festival of Purim!  The 15th Adar is Shushan Purim.

First Gulf War ( ENDED ) on the first day of Purim which was the 14th Adar / February 28th,1991

Second Gulf War ( BEGAN ) on the second day of Purim called "Shushan Purim" on the 15th Adar / March 19,2003

The first day of the month of Adar in 2017 falls on Monday February 27th.

I'll be watching for any possible developments in the Middle East this coming Purim.

Wow!  Is something very prophetic and profound going to take place leading up to the Jewish festival of Purim this year?

The Church, the body of Christ and her "time" here on this planet is about to............END VERY SHORTLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

Until He comes!

In Christ, Tom Gaston

A special thanks to my brother in the Lord Andrew Sheets who is on my email list, and who sent the following below to me in order to put it in this email.


When Is The Annular Solar Eclipse In 2017? Feb. 26 Will Light The Sky Up With A Ring Of Fire

A breathtaking annular solar eclipse doesn't come around all too often, but when it does, it's sure to captivate those of us who remember to look up at the night sky. So when is the annual solar eclipse in 2017? You'll need to mark the date down in your calendar (although it depends where you're based), because you won't want to miss what is, in my opinion, the best type of solar eclipse: Feb. 26 ( 30th Shevat / 1rst Adar ) is going to be a night to remember, as long as you're in the right location.

Broadly speaking, an eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, partially or fully blocking out some of the Sun's light. For anyone wondering what makes the annular one special, allow me to explain so you can get just as hyped about it as me. There are actually four different eclipses that can grace our skies at various points throughout the year: Total, partial, annular, and hybrid. Different types of eclipses occur because the orbits of both the Earth and the Moon are elliptical, meaning they're not perfectly circular.
The upcoming annular solar eclipse is cool because in this case, the Moon doesn't completely block out the solar disk of the Sun as it would in a total solar eclipse (FYI, a total solar eclipse is coming up on Aug. 21, 2017). Instead, some of the Sun will be visible behind the Moon ,so when we look up it, a stunning ring of sunlight, or "ring of fire," as it's also known, will be visible in our sky.

As Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts, told Space.com, "Earth's orbit is a little elliptical, and the Moon's orbit is a little more elliptical, so sometimes, [the Moon is] a little further away from us than at other times. When it's relatively far away, it's a little smaller in angle, and it's too small to cover the whole everyday solar disk."

As Time And Date noted, the Moon's shadow isn't big enough to cover the whole of planet Earth, so the annual solar eclipse is always limited to a certain area. This year, you'll unfortunately only be able to catch sight of the live eclipse from South America and parts of Africa. Those of us in the United States, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere will have to wait until some of the most stunning photos of the annular eclipse make it to social media (or look for a livestream). You can also get involved by seeing how the eclipse could affect your astrology, though.

There's one annular solar eclipse and one total solar eclipse every 18 months or so somewhere on planet Earth, so hopefully we can catch the next one in our skies fairly soon.


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