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Important Bible Code!

This Bible Code is the term "Neutron" which begins in Psalms 119:169 ( right in the middle of the Bible ).  Notice that the term "Bomb" is just to the left of this search term "Neutron."  Also notice right beneath the search term "Neutron" there are two terms "The Nuke" and "Retaliation" which are both woven together and sharing letters ( Not doubt a reference to Israel ).

  If Assad drops any chemical weapons on Israel, THEN LOOK OUT!   The term "missles" is encoded in this Bible Code along with "Passover."  Over to the left side of the page you will see that the term "Toxicant" and "poison" are there together with the term "Shahab" coming across them which is an "Iranian missile."

The phrase "And Damascus" is encoded right along side the term "Event."  The present Jewish year of 5777 is also encoded in this matrixes along with "Assad, and Assad, and the name Bashar.   The name "Elijah" is encoded with the term "return" to his name. Every Passover the religious Jews "look of Elijah" to show up. 
Also the phrase "And Moses" is encoded there near the term Passover.  The phrase "witnesses" is encoded.  I didn't show these terms in the matrixes because I ran out of room, so I decided just to mention them here.

Bashar Assad just last week has already threatened Israel that he will bomb "Haifa" ( Israel's major port industrial city ) if she does any more bombing in Syria.  Over the years in many of my Bible code findings the theme and story line has been that "Haifa" would be attacked by Syria / Lebanon. 

President Donald Trump just today said....."Syria Chemical Attack ‘Crossed a Lot of Lines for Me."  Here is the link below.

Thanks to Andrew for sending this to me..

By the way, encoded over in Isaiah and starting in 16:14, 17:3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 18:1, 2  is the phrase....."Woe! Death bomb" on a skip of only 100 ( Less than one in a million chance of being encoded there ).  I will send the computer readout shee on this. Here is the Hebrew spelling below.

[........Woe!  Death Bomb......]
אוי! מות פצצת

The momentum is building in Syria.  Events are moving very quickly which is signalling the coming destruction of Damascus which is prophesied in Isaiah chapter 17.

I believe that the Rapture is about to happen at any moments notice!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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