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The Rapture of the Church is extremely imminent like never before!

Bible Code below......"Rapture and Destruction."

The US. has now set the precedent for the coming middle east conflict by striking Syria with 59 Tomahawk missles.  Bashar Al-Assad knows that "his days are numbered."  And I can guarantee you that he will not go down without a fight.  He witnessed what happened to Egypt and its leader, to Libya and its leader ( Muammar Gaddafi ), and Iraq and its leader ( Saddam Hussien ).  Bashar Al-Assad and his family dynasty is NOT going to GO AWAY quietly without a fight.

Let me say it like this if I may.  Bashar Al-Assad is holding a major "Trump Card" ( pun intended ). And that card is this!  If he sees that he is going to be "eradicated", then I personally believe that he.."will take the whole middle east with him."   You can take this to the bank folks!  And so the question here is this "And how could he pull this off?"  It's very simple!  All he has to do is "start a war with Israel" and the whole arab world will join him and get behind him because Israel is hated by the majority of the Arab world.  This would take the focus off of him and make the "state of Israel the target."  The stage is now set for this prophetic conundrum to unfold.

How interesting it is to note here that the situation in Syria and the middle east at large began to take a turn for the worst "following" the opening of God's religious calendar new year which began on 1rst Nisan / Abib ( March 29th ).  And so this military missle strike against Syria by the US. took place yesterday on April 6th which was the very important prophetic Jewish date of 10th Nisan / Abib.  This is the day that Joshua led the children of Israel across the Jordan river and into the promised land of Canaan. And it was also the anniversary date of when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey during passion week fulfilling Zech. 9:9.

I said just a few weeks ago......."Things are going to start heating up when God's new calendar year opens up on 1rst Nisan / Abib." And lo and behold it appears that this is true from the current events which have unfolded already ( Syrian Chemical attack, and US. missle strike...etc..etc. ).  Therefore I believe that it is very possible that more crises could very well transpire during this coming Passover season?  And since two of Israel's days overlap two of our gregorian days, then the 14th Nisan which is Passover will actually begin in Israel starting in the late morning hours here in the US. this coming Sunday April 9th.

We are definitely on the verge of momentous prophetic events. And so I personally believe ( it's my opinion ) that Bashar Al-Assad who is the leader of Syria is going to "ignite the middle east" by starting a war with Israel in order to get support from the rest of the Arab world ( including Iran ) who will be more than willing to join him in the fight against the "Zionist infidels" ( as they would call Israel ). Therefore Bashar Al-Assad is holding a very poweful "Trump Card" indeed!

Isaiah 17 prophecy ( the destruction of Damascus ), and Psalm 83 ( The Arab plot against Israel ) is on the world's doorstep right now!

Bible Code..."Rapture and Destruction" is below.

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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