The Two Witnesses, Shavuot, 49 Barley Omer, #Rapture, #Pentecost 2017

By Tom Gaston

Hey everyone,

I am running right now a Bible Code called "The two witnesses."   The computer just found 39 codes of this phrase encoded in the Old Testament which I will be searching over in order to see if I can find the term "Shavout / Pentecost" encoded in one of these matrixes.

Now stop and think about this!  If the Lord comes for us on the 49th Omer, then "the two witnesses" would also have to be coming with Jesus at that time when the Rapture takes place in order for them to begin their ministry to national Israel on the very day of Pentecost.  God will never leave His people Israel without a "witness."  The Church presently is a spiritual light, a testimony, and a witness to God's lost Jewish people, and to the lost gentile world at large.  And just think how many evangelical ministries have taken trips with their church members on a holy land tour over many decades of time.  But once the Rapture happens, then the "light of the Church" to Israel and to the world will go out!  And so someone other party or parties are going to have to step in and fill the gap.  This is where the "two witnesses" come in and play a vital role!

Therefore if the Rapture takes place the "day before" Pentecost, then these two witnesses would be there at the onset in order to address and speak to the nation of Israel just like God did through the mouth of Peter on the very day that the Church was born in Acts chapter 2,  and of which the converts and new members were all Jewish!

Pentecost would be a perfect time for these two witnesses to show up in order to begin their ministry to the nation of Israel. They would be there "the day after" the Rapture had just taken place in order to minister to Israel and to explain to them what has just taken place, and why it took place!  What a perfect festival in order for God to once again speak directly to His people who are in "spiritual unbelief ", as they have rejected their very own Messiah Yeshua all this time. 

Wow!  Think about the scenario which I have just laid out in these few paragraphs above which would be perfect "prophetic timing" by the hand of the Lord!  The Church is Barley, and Israel is the wheat who needs to be "thrashed" and broken in order to be harvested and brought to faith in their Messiah.  The Church on the otherhand does not need to be taken through judgment as her members have already received Christ as savior and Lord by faith. 

I am convinced that the Rapture of the Church is going to occur in the Spring of the year at the "completion" of the Barley harvest / 49th Omer.  Then God is going to restart Israel's prophetic program on the very day of Pentecost, at which time the two witnesses will begin their ministry, and God then will address the nation of Israel just like He did at Mount Sinai, and also on the very day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. This would be "the third time" in which God would be speaking and addressing the nation of Israel directly.

Mount Sinai / the first Pentecost
Acts chapter 2 / the second Pentecost / Birth of the Jewish Church
Rapture the 49th Omer and the third Pentecost ...........Number ( 3 ), the number for "resurrection."

Now check out the gematria below which I just found!

[.................................The two witnesses on Shavout, and the Church............................]
ש  נ  י    ה  ע  ד  י  ם    ב  ח  ג    ה  ש  ב  ו  ע  ו  ת    ו  ה  כ  נ  ס  י  י  ה
5   10 10  60  50 20   5    6    400   6  70   6   2   300   5      3    8    2     600 10   4   70   5     10 50  300

The amazing total = 2017

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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