The World in Crisis. High Rapture Watch! Passover through Easter Sunday 2017

THE WORLD IS IN CRISIS!!!  Just turn your TV on and watch where the world is headed at this very moment.  It's headed into the Day of the Lord's judgment.   Syria , US and Russian crisis, Iran, Isis, Korea.....etc...etc. We are on the verge of Major events which is going to lead this world into the tribulation period.   These events are accelerating at lightning speed.  

Don't forget that "world events" ( especially in the middle east ) took a dramatic turn just shortly after God's religious calender new year opened up on 1rst Nisan /Abib ( March 29th ).  And it was on the important biblical date of 10th Nisan ( April 6th ) that the US. bombed Syria which has now increased "global concern" on many fronts.   Russia is now aligning with Iran, and Putin is now in opposition to the US. with new threats.   I can see it, and I can feel it, that the Judgment of God is on the world's doorstep.  And it is all beginning to pick up steam and speed coming into Passover and the "Seven days" of the feast of Unleavened Bread.  The "seventh day" of the feast of Unleavened Bread falls on Monday April 17th which is the day after Easter Sunday

We are now headed down to "Easter Sunday", and possibly even the Rapture of the Church?  What a testimony and witness it would be to unbelieving Israel, and to the whole world at large if God the Father has planned all a long to send His Son Jesus to come and get His blood bought Church on "the very day" that true Christians celebrate and remember the "resurrection of their Savior, Jesus Christ."  Once again this would most definitely have a huge impact on national Israel who has rejected their messiah Jesus Christ all this time.

[........................................Passover - 5777, Countdown to judgment, bema..................................]
פ  ס  ח   ת  ש  ע  ז,    ס  פ  י  ר  ה    ל  א  ח  ו  ר    ל  ש  י  פ  ו  ט,    ב  י  מ  ה
5   40  10   2         9   6  80  10 300  30    200   6   8    1   30      5  200 10  80  60       7   70 300 400     8   60  80

Total = 2017..........Wow!!!!!!!!

Will it happen?  I don't know ( ? ), but I am hoping with all my heart that Jesus will swoop down and snatch us all away no later than by Easter Sunday?
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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