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By Tom Gaston

Hey everyone,

The anniversary date of the "beginning" of the 6th day war on June 5,1967 is coming up on June 5th this year ( the war lasted from June 5th to the 10th in 1967 ). This anniversary date then will be falling on the day after Pentecost which falls on June 4th.  Also this year is the 50th year ( Jubilee ) since Israel has recaptured the old city of East Jerusalem.

I want to show you something very interesting concerning the 1967 calendar and the 2017 calendar.  I want to compare them.

1967 calendar

Monday April 24 / Nisan 14 / Passover. The morrow after the Sabbath ( weekly Sabbath ) fell on Sunday April 30th / Nisan 20. This would have been "First fruits / 1rst omer."  Counting 50 days from Nisan 20 brings you to June 18th / 10th Sivan which was Pentecost.

2017 calendar

Monday April 10th / Nisan 14 / Passover.  The morrow after the Sabbath ( weekly Sabbath ) fell on Easter Sunday April 16th / Nisan 20 once again. This was "First fruits / 1rst omer."  Counting 50 days from Nisan 20 brings you to June 4th / 10th Sivan once again which is Pentecost.

Notice above that Pentecost falls on the Jewish date of 10th Sivan in both calendar years of 1967 and 2017. And I like the number ( 10 ) for the this reason...1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 10 = 55 Bride.

Here is something very peculiar to consider!

In 1967 the "cease fire" was signed on June 11th / 3rd Sivan.  That was seven days before Pentecost which fell on June 18th / 10th Sivan of that year.  This year ( 2017 ) Pentecost falls on June 4th / 10th Sivan ( Also fell on 10th Sivan in 1967 ). Counting "seven days" AFTER Pentecost this year therefore brings you to June 11th which is the anniversary date of the "1967 cease fire" which was signed on June 11th.

So there was a "seven day" period leading up to Pentecost in 1967 which started on the June 11th which was the day that the cease fire was "signed." And in 2017 ( 50th year Jubilee from 1967 ) there will be another "seven day" period which will follow Pentecost leading down to the anniversary date of June 11th, the day that the cease fire was signed in 1967

So here is what I am trying to get across and help you to see. If the Rapture happens to take place on Sunday June 4th / 10th Sivan / Pentecost this year ( ? ), then that would leave "seven days" in counting to the anniversary date of the 1967 cease fire which was "signed" on June 11th.  Is it possible then that perhaps the "Covenant with death" could possibly be "signed" on this 1967 cease fire anniversary date just "seven days" after the Rapture has taken place possibly on Pentecost?  This is a very intriguing thought, and not too far fetched either!

Question: What was taking place at the first Pentecost at Mount Sinai?
Answer: God was bethrothing Israel and establishing a "covenant" between Himself and the children of Israel.

Therefore is it possible that this false "covenant with death" which Israel will agree to will also be achieved during Pentecost season, repeating an "anti-type" of what took place at Mount Sinai?

Remember that Israel will need "immediate security" following the Rapture of the Church which has destabilized the whole world, and especially the already volatile middle east like never before.  Israel will have "no choice" but to take what she will be offered on the table in order to gain "peace and security."

Right now, on the "heels of Pentecost", president Trump and his new administration is making an historical trip to Saudi Arabia / to Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem / to Israel /  and to the Vatican - Vatican City.  He wants to administer and provide help to all parties involved in order to achieve "peace and security" in the middle east. And so I do NOT believe that the "timing" of all of this is just random, but that God is directly behind it pulling all the strings and getting things lined up prophetically to unfold, and of all things right on the heels of Pentecost.

Trump just stated today....."“There’s a great feeling for peace throughout the Middle East.”

Trump, Saudi King Open Counter Terrorism Center / watch this.....

President Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia At Arab Islamic - American Summit

Trump is now considering moving the US. embassy to Jerusalem, making the statement that Jerusalem is indeed the captial of Israel.  And I find that it is NO accident whatsover that right in the middle of the name of Jerusalem is the USA.

                            J  E  R  U  S  A  L  E  M

And the last 5 letters of the spelling of the United States spells........THE COVENANT.

[................United States................]
א  ר  צ  ו  ת    ה  ב  ר  י  ת
[..The covenant..]

This certainly is all designed by God Himself!

I really don't care if anyone agrees with me or not, but I believe that without a shadow of a doubt that the Trump administration which is now backing Israel is going to play a "major role" in the upcoming Daniel 9:27 covenant with death ( Is. 28:14,15 ).  And when the Rapture happens, then all hell is going to break loose.

The middle east presently is a "powder keg" and is on the verge of all out war. Now, what do you think the atmosphere will be like in the middle east when the Rapture happens and the world goes spinning out of control?  Therefore I can guarantee that under such conditions  Israel will be desparately looking to the United States ( her number one security ) for "emergency aid" and "protection" ( peace and security ).  And so such a proophetic scenario is now possible and can be fulfilled through the new Trump administration who has Israel's back.  Israel didn't have much support from the Obama administration, but she certainly does now!

There will be NO TIME for Israel or other parties involved in the middle east to sit down and hammer out a peace treaty under such emergency conditions.  And so in actuality God is going to "force the hand of Israel" into making a "false covenant agreement" by removing His Church and creating the unprecedented crisis, thus fulfilling His word.  Under such conditions Israel will have NO choice but to make an agreement and to accept what is handed to them on the table.  Peace and security will be the number one objective and primary concern for Israel and her people during such a global crisis.

Once the Church is gone and the restraining of the Holy Spirit has been removed, then what governments and other administrations have tried to achieve over many years and decades ( Establish "Peace and Security" in the middle east,  but to no avail ) will come so fast and swiftly due to the fact that God's Holy Spirit will no longer be restraining and holding back the "man of sin" ( 2Thess. 2:7 ). So the event we call the Rapture is God's "mechanism" ( God's "Trump card " if I may ) in order to speed the whole prophetic process up at lightning speed once the Church has been removed and out of harms way.

Here are some very interesting Hebrew gematria's revolving around this subject.

[................................America, the covenant after the festival the Shavout.............................]
א  מ  ר  י  ק  ה,    ה    ב  ר  י  ת    ל  א  ח  ר    ה  ח  ג     ה    ש  ב  ו  ע  ו  ת
400 6   70  6    2  300      5        3    8    5     200   8   1   30     400 10 200  2       5         5 100 10 200  40   1

Total = 2017

[.....................Donald Trump and America.......................]
ד  ו  נ  ל  ד    ט  ר  א  מ  פ    ו  א  מ  ר  י  ק  ה
5  100  10 200 40   1    6     80   40   1   200  9       4   30 50   6   4 / total = 786

[........In Shavout ( Pentecost ) ......]
ב     ש   ב   ו   ע   ו   ת
400  6    70     6     2   300        2 / total = 786 Donald Trump and America

[..............................The covenant after Pentecost, president............................]
ה  ב  ר  י  ת    ל  א  ח  ר    ח  ג    ה  ש  ב  ו  ע  ו  ת,    נ  ש  י  א
1   10  300 50     400   6  70   6   2   300   5      3    8     200  8     1   30    400 10 200  2    5 / total = 2017

[....................Donald Trump, the year....................]
ד  ו  נ  ל  ד    ט  ר  א  מ  פ    ה    ש  נ  ה
5   50  300     5      80   40   1   200  9       4  30  50   6   4 / total = 784 Pentecost / Shavout

[...............................Woe, Rapture!  Donald Trump.........................]
א  ו  י,   ש  ל  ה  ו  ב!   ד  ו  נ  א  ל  ד    ט  ר  א  מ  פ 
80  40   1   200  9       4   30   1   50  6   4       2    6   5    30 300     10  6   1 / total = 784 Pentecost / Shavout

This gematria above here suggest the Rapture event taking place under the Donald Trump administration during Pentecost.  We have all three components in this one gematria.

[................................America, the covenant after the festival the Shavout.............................]
א  מ  ר  י  ק  ה,    ה    ב  ר  י  ת    ל  א  ח  ר    ה  ח  ג     ה    ש  ב  ו  ע  ו  ת
400 6   70  6    2  300      5        3    8    5     200   8   1   30     400 10 200  2       5         5 100 10 200  40   1

Total = 2017

The only thing we are waiting for is the Rapture!  Nothing else has to take place before it can happen. Everything is presently in place for these end-time prophecies to be fulfilled!

In Christ Tom Gaston
Six-Day War

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This article is about the Arab–Israeli war in 1967. For the Rwandan–Ugandan conflict around Kisangani, see Six-Day War (2000). For the insurgency in the New Territories, Hong Kong, see Six-Day War (1899).
Six-Day War
Part of the Arab–Israeli conflict
Six Day War Territories.svg

The Six-Day War (Hebrew: מלחמת ששת הימים, Milhemet Sheshet Ha Yamim; Arabic: النكسة, an-Naksah, "The Setback" or حرب ۱۹٦۷, Ḥarb 1967, "War of 1967"), also known as the June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was fought between June 5 - 10, 1967 by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic), Jordan, and Syria.

On June 11, a ceasefire was signed. Arab casualties were far heavier than those of Israel: fewer than a thousand Israelis had been killed compared to over 20,000 from the Arab forces. Israel's military success was attributed to the element of surprise, an innovative and well-executed battle plan, and the poor quality and leadership of the Arab forces. Israel seized control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. Israeli morale and international prestige was greatly increased by the outcome of the war and the area under Israeli control tripled. However, the speed and ease of Israel's victory would lead to a dangerous overconfidence within the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), contributing to initial Arab successes in the subsequent 1973 Yom Kippur War. The displacement of civilian populations resulting from the war would have long-term consequences, as 300,000 Palestinians fled the West Bank and about 100,000 Syrians left the Golan to become refugees. Across the Arab world, Jewish minority communities were expelled, with refugees going to Israel or Europe.


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