Covenant Middle East 2017 Rapture Watch

This is hair raising!!!!!  This has my "Rapture Gland" so worked up that it has set-off my "after burners" on my Rapture shoes!

[......The covenant will come to the Middle East......]
ה    ב  ר  י  ת    ב  ו  א    מ  ז  ר  ח    ת  י  כ  ו   ן
700 6  20  10 400     5   200 7   40      1    6    2     400 10 200  2       5  / total = 2017

Now if you switch the wording, and take the word "Come", and put it at the beginning of the sentence, then it reads as follows:

[...............Come to the Middle East alliance...............]
ב  ו  א    ב  ר  י  ת    מ  ז  ר  ח    ה  ת  י  כ  ו   ן
700 6  20  10 400  5       8   200  7  40     400 10 200  2       1    6   2   / total = 2017

I hope all of you realize that since God has installed the new Donald Trump administration that it has accelerated and sped up God's prophetic program for national Israel.  Everything in this world has changed ( in America and abroad ) ever since Donald Trump was installed by God. Oh I know, many of you may not like him, and many just totally hate him and wishes he were dead! But GOD has installed this man for His divine purposes whether anyone ( christian or non-christian ) likes it or not!  And therefore he is going to play a vital prophetic role in the immediate coming days just ahead.

The new Trump administration has now brought to the forefront the "Middle East Peace process" since the Trump administration is fully supportive of Israel ( couldn't be said of the Obama administration! ). And so now Israel feels "more secure" since Donald Trump has demonstrated and voiced his total support of the Jewish nation, and who also has been seriously considering of moving the US. embassy to Jerusalem, making a declaration that Jerusalem is indeed the captial of Israel.

So, do you see now how this is "fast forwarding" and speeding up the "Middle East peace process" which is going to bring about the prophetic peace treaty which the world has been waiting for ( Dan. 9:27;  Isaiah 28:14,15 ).  And so now  Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are feeling more positive, and are demonstrating an attitude of "more cooperation" in order to bring peace to the Middle East.  And it is all because God has installed Donald Trump.  This man is a "prophetic mile marker" who is "signalling" that the "time has arrived" for God to push His prophetic fastforward button!

And one more thing here!  You silly complaining christians who are getting bent all out of shape because you don't like Donald trump, and you don't want to see Israel make any peace deals in the Middle East with Abbas who is a scoundrel, and or that you don't want Israel to give up anymore land....on, and on, and on...etc....etc...etc..!   Well, you really need to "sit down and shut up", as you need to understand that all of what is taking place has NOTHING to do with your opinions, your emotions, your desires, nor your attitude, but it has everything to do with God's propehtic word and His plan which He is in the processing of bringing to fulfillment, as God isn't working and moving on behalf of "our opinions and our desires" according the way that we feel it all should go. And so you shouldn't be discouraged, disappointed, nor should you be bawling and sqwalling and having an "temper tantrum" because you don't like "this or that" of what is going on in this world!  Instead you should be rejoicing and praising God because all of what is taking place right in front of our eyes is signalling to us that Jesus is coming soon for His Bride!

In Christ, Tom Gaston
Trump: Netanyahu, Abbas Vowed to ‘Reach For Peace’ – And I Believe Them

AP/Sebastian Scheiner
by Deborah Danan28 May 2017
TEL AVIV – President Donald Trump on Saturday said both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had assured him they were ready to “reach for peace.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “assured me he is willing to reach for peace with Israel in good faith, and I believe he will,” Trump told U.S. troops in Sicily, while summarizing his first state visit overseas as a “home run.”

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured me that he too was ready to reach for peace. He’s a friend of mine and he means it,” Trump said.


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