Covenant with Death 2017, 1967 comparison 17th Sivan 6 day war. Israel 50 year Jubilee

By Tom Gaston

This gematria below is really phenomenal because June 11th this year falls on the Jewish date of the 17th Sivan.  And it was on June 11, 1967 ( the six day war was from June 5th to the 10th ) is when the "cease-fire" was signed ( "peace" ).  And so the date June 11th this year is a very important anniversary date.  And since Pentecost falls on Sunday June 4th, then the "cease -fire" date of June 11th this year comes exactly "seven days" after Pentecost.  Therefore could this seven day period possible be the "final countdown" of days to the covenant with death and Sheol? ( Isaiah 28:14,15  ).

And the reason why I say this is because, if the Rapture does happen to take place on Pentecost coming up on June 4th ( ? ), then more than likely there will be a short "regional conflict" between Israel and her immediate arab neighbors ( Syria / Lebanon..etc. ) which would follow the Rapture event, and that it could once again last for six days which would follow the same pattern which unfolded in 1967 six day war ?  Such a conflict would certainly prepare the way for the Dan. 9:27 covenant.

From 1967 to 2017 is 50 years ( Jubilee ).  The Old city of east Jerusalem was recaptured during this six day war.  Therefore Israel's 50 year anniversary since the recapturing of east Jerusalem this year is VERY IMPORTANT INDEED!!!!!

[...................The covenant confirmed on June 11th - 17th Sivan...................]
ה  ב  ר  י  ת    א  י  ש  ר  ה  ב - י  א  ב  י  ו  נ  י - י  ז   ס  י  ו   ן
700 6  10  60    7  10   10 50  6  10   2    1  10     2    5  200 300 10   1     400 10 200  2    5 / total = 2017

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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