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Transitioning into the Tribulation period judgment

Listen to what you need to hear. JEWS SEEKING MESSIAH

Our Once Great Land, by James VanPatton

This is an email I received from a dear brother in the Lord who served our country as a US Marine. JAMES VANPATTON: Begin quote: "In 1963 we stood eye ball to eye ball with the Russians. Russia blinked and stood down. 2015 our great leader went looking for curtains to hang up. Putin and the Russians took the white towel off the floor from Obama and the USA. The Eagle flew away and America came off the top of the hill. We are no longer a superpower.                                                           Never in my life, did I think our Country would be brought down and humbled. Never in my life did I think Christians would head down the same road as the Jews in 1938 Nazi Germany. Never in my life did I think the Gays would rule the day. But we who know the word of God, knew deep down inside it would come about. For it is written, it would come about.                                                                        Prayers to save the USA will most likely go unheard by

Vatican setting up the great dilusion after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ

WARNING:  Time has Run Out.  Very soon true Christians will be Raptured (taken up in a twinkling of an eye) by Jesus and those who did not accept Jesus as their savior will be left here on earth to undergo 7 years of Tribulation that the world has never seen or imagined before.  The details are laid out in the Bible, primarily in Revelation.   Please note that after the Rapture of the "Church" the true bride of Christ, The Vatican, The Pope, will have all the answers for this shocking unimaginable disappearance of millions of Christians.  When the anti Christ is revealed he will have answers as the "aliens" who are really demons start appearing on the scene. The Vatican is already preparing the lost world as is clearly portrayed in the statement below: Please, if you are not saved by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior, do so immediately because time is very short.  If you read this somehow after millions of Christians have disappeared, DO NOT BE DECI

Pope visit is extremely prophetic END TIMES ARE HERE

Subject: Fwd: The Pope will arrive in Washington, D.C. just three hours before Yom Ki ppur The Pope’s US visit was scheduled according to prophecy Yesterday, I got the urge to listen further into the Jonathan Cahn video, and I’m glad I did. He goes on to state that the “Jubilee Year” will begin on Yom Kippur… yomkippur And who will arrive in Washington, D.C. just three hours before Yom Kippur begins at sunset? The King of the Roman Empire, of course… kingfrancis1 As my longtime readers know, I regard numerology and astrology as spiritually absurd, self-fulfilling silliness. The “elite,” however, love the stuff, and the Pope’s arrival is pregnant with numerological, astrological, and prophetic meaning. The Pope’s arrival in Washington, D.C. is scheduled for September 22 at 4 PM, and he will be met at the plane by Barack Obama. Given the contextual backdrop of an Asia-centered world order battling it out with a Western-centered world order, the 4 o’clock arrival is significant. I