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Most Short Term Mission Trips are a Scam. Do not be deceived.

This Blog is not directed to Saints who've truly been called by God to go out into the mission fields,  wherever that may be. I myself was personally called to go to Vietnam in 2005 and in 2008 I moved there and lived among the people for 73 months. Where God calls he provides. I did not ask for any funds. Although I received $2,000 from an individual who told me the Lord told them to send me the money immediately. I supported myself entirely for the entire time. What I want to address here are the sickening number of short mission scams run by charlatan reprobates. wolves fleecing the flock, mostly young people on fire for Jesus. I am a retired military officer and have travelled all over the world.  I have worked and traveled as both a civilian as well as military. When I was only 18 years old I traveled to Germany and backpacked all over by myself. When my funds ran low, I worked. I never asked people to crowd fund me. Here's how the scam works. A fake 501c3 corpor

Significant Signs of the End Time. Rapture Watch

This morning I observed my daughter's horse collection on the window sill. She had just recently purchased these with her allowance money. These were the only 4 colors in the selection at the store. As I observed the horses, The Holy Spirit quickened my spirit to understand this not to be a coincidence.  I knew this corresponded directly with Revelation Chapter 6 which is the beginning of the Tribulation after the Rapture of the true followers of Jesus.  Please see photo attached and read Revelation 6:1-8. As I prepared this Blog to copy Revelation 6:1-8, the browser strangly switched scriptures to Genesis 6:1-8. I've never seen this happen before. So I read Genesis 6:1-8 and the Holy Spirit prompted me to understand this is exactly connected. Please read Genesis 6:1-8 below Revelation 6:1-8. I have also included 2 special video links about our current Blood Moon and scripture events. People get ready.  The end is here. If you are saved look up our redemption is here s

Peter. Do you Love Me? Understanding The Power of The Holy Spirit when Jesus asked Peter, "Do You Love Me?"

Beginning in John Chapter 13 verse 37 we observe the unfolding of a tremendously powerful life event revealing the applied power of the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. Jesus Christ uses big mouth Peter in this lesson. Let's follow the timeline. John 13 - Jesus shares his soon coming betrayal and end of his earthly ministry. His disciples are obviously bewildered and saddened. Peter blurts out in John 13: 37 that he will follow and defend Jesus to the end even laying down his own life for Jesus. John 13:38 Jesus admonishes Peter and in an almost mocking manner corrects Peter informing him that not only will Peter not lay down his life for Jesus, but far worse, Peter will soon deny Jesus three times before the cock crows. Immediately following this sorrowful and sobering conversation, In John chapter 14, Jesus comforts the disciples by promising them that he is going to heaven to prepare our eternal home with many mansions and in verses 16 and 17 w

Letter inside My KJV Bible for those who are left behind

The Following pages attached below are in my King James Bible that stays on my dining room table. After the soon coming Rapture, taking away, gathering of God's children, many of those lost will be running over to my home to find lots of stored water, food, and survival supplies, including weapons and ammunition they'll need to survive for weeks before basic service is restored. But the most important thing they will discover will be the KJV  Bible which will soon be considered contraband by the New World Beast system of the Antichrist.  In the front of the Bible are clear imperative words that desperate souls must know. Be warned, the end of time is here. Soon, millions of true Christians will disappear.  Those left will be looking for answers. Before you buy into the lies you'll hear, know the truth here in these pages. Maranatha! (Note: To magnfy pages, download image and open on your photo gallery.)

A deeper understanding of The Just Shall Live By Faith

Quote from unknown Source: The Just Shall Live by Faith Bible Study The faith of the head is the faith that is dead; The faith of the heart is better in part; But the faith of the hand is the faith that will stand, For the faith that will do must include the first two.  This will only happen upon the revelation of Jesus Christ giving us this understanding by the Holy Spirit)...John 14:26 KJV  King James Bible  But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you To understand in a deeper way how incapable we are to "do" things of God without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I invite the reader to Brother Cal's work titled "The deceitful lie of free will teaching": .  The passage of scripture verse, "The Just S