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YOGA is not Christian it is Satanic Get out of it now!

I'm shocked and saddened by the marked increase of YOGA spreading into our American culture and especially in churches. If you call yourself a Christian and practice YOGA STOP IT! and WAKE UP! Let me begin by saying that I worked for a devout Hindu for over 1 year and got to know a lot about YOGA by talking to him. Here's a quote from him as he was disappointed I wouldn't join him in YOGA stretches one morning in the gym. QUOTE from this gentleman: "Well, I understand you won't do these stretches with me. Actually, I'm surprised you're that aware of what YOGA actual is. I know you're a devout Christian and this is probably why you also know about my religion and that YOGA is an integral part. It's funny actually, to see these silly Westerners thinking that YOGA is a exercise - which I fully agree it is fantastic for the body - but you understand which is the truth that YOGA is actually prayer positions and it is actually quite in depth into postures

More Filth Keeps Oozing from the ground - literally > 3rd Temple Sanhedrin Synagogue of Satan

3rd Temple Sanhedrin Synagogue of Satan Revelation 2:9 - Ezekiel 8

The Absolute Truth


Major Update in the MIddle East Peace Initiative with Israel and End Times

Oh America, How Thou Art Fallen...

Forbidding irony of Mall of America symbolized as a Black mourning banner? Oh America How Art Thou Fallen... Free Speech, Freedom of Religion Suppressed Death of a Nation. History is clear that the average life span of a civilization is a little over 300 years. Link Is America any different? Note:  $800 and 800 years...  see John The Baptist and 800 years below... FAST FORWARD -  18 years 6 months  after 911  = 222 months to the falling of the Fig Tree in Los Angeles: And now observe what has recently happened a few months ago in this same mall 18 years later (18= 1+8=9 (9 = Biblical Judgement) Recently in the same mall a former Muslim was arrested for sharing Jesus Christ with others. Here is the link: Is the Mall of America now a Sharia Space? https://stream.

My Testimony is that of Amazing Grace

My Testimony My life which in many ways was much like John Newton the hard-drinking sailor who came to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and would later write Amazing Grace .  Amazing Grace Video  How many times I’ve sung that song with a full heart of unspeakable gratitude in knowing truly how God miraculously saved me from a lost life destined for hell and the eternal lake of fire, living a wretched life of drunken debauchery to bring me into a fullness and joy unspeakable in Him my risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.    THE BOTTOM LINE: Believe that it is God only -  not your religious works of self righteousness -  who by his grace called you, and by that grace saved you.  Your faith to believe Jesus is your savior is given to you by God to believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior. This makes you saved. Period!   1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV   Tells us that we are saved by "belief" in Jesus Christ came died for our sins, and rose again on the third

The coming New Jerusalem is a perfect foursquare 1,500 sq mile - 1,500 mile high PYRAMID with a 216 foot high parameter wall

P The soon coming New Jerusalem is a perfect foursquare  1,500 sq mile - 1,500 mile high PYRAMID with a 216 foot high parameter wall   Graphic Concept shown as cube to show size but imagine a pyramid Golden Ratio in Bible Pyramid The scriptures describing the New Jerusalem are the same Ratio as The Pyramid Geometry https :// Scripture tells us that the universe is set up as a pyramid.  There is compelling evidence from scripture and from the physical realm, for example the great pyramids of Giza, that what exists on earth and how it was constructed and for what purpose, proving what exists in heaven and will appear and manifest in the next realm.