Why do young people today fall for flat earth nonsense? My letter to such...

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My response to a young man who believes the earth is flat:
Thank you for sharing your insights. Amen on your points on the Baphomet and the Transgender agenda.  Your thoughts, theories on Flat earth is not true. It concerns me greatly that so many young people today are actually falling for this Flat Earth Theory.  You implying that all history and gravity are false is also quite alarming.  Regarding FLAT EARTH >  I have in my Blog link below proven by personal experience both at sea in global navigation during my career in USN and in aeronautical charts as a pilot proven without doubt the earth is a sphere. I have 1st hand proof my friend.  Also as in my Blog below, I and other pilots prove by several video experiments and actual real tests that the earth is a sphere. Finally,  I prove by scripture in the Bible as proof that all Bodies including celestial bodies are not 2 dimensional but rather spheres of a 3 dimensional paradigm. I am a Christian and I'm educated and I have many years of actual experience young man. I applaud your keen mind and diligent pursuit of truth. I implore you please keep an open mind and read my study in link below.  Thank you.



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