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Mass Shooters of 2019...


Nothing Like more Zionist Propaganda to destroy America > by never letting a disaster go to waste

I'm going to open this Blog by beginning with 2 recent articles in response to the recent mass shootings in the US.   I will update this Blog as more of the Zionist  propaganda spills out. Here's the former Deputy US District Attorney Rob Rosenstein (a Zionist) telling the world that Domestic Terrorism needs to now be called "WHITE" terrorism.  This is extremely disturbing. Calling Domestic Terror as WHITE should be a wake up call to anybody alive and breathing. Rob Rosenstein's Zionist connection A look at the Jewish History of El Paso Texas.   What??? H

Study on the 2nd Coming of Jesus

Let's Connect the dots China Rising to Kings of The East Armageddon

Let's connect the dots...