Nothing Like more Zionist Propaganda to destroy America > by never letting a disaster go to waste

I'm going to open this Blog by beginning with 2 recent articles in response to the recent mass shootings in the US.   I will update this Blog as more of the Zionist  propaganda spills out.

Here's the former Deputy US District Attorney Rob Rosenstein (a Zionist) telling the world that Domestic Terrorism needs to now be called "WHITE" terrorism.  This is extremely disturbing. Calling Domestic Terror as WHITE should be a wake up call to anybody alive and breathing.

Rob Rosenstein's Zionist connection

A look at the Jewish History of El Paso Texas.   What???

Here's Israel giving the US lessons about guns.   The aim here is for the Zionist to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of America.

White Supremacist agenda Hypocrisy

This is how they do it... FALSE FLAG EVENTS

Let's take a look st mass shooters in 2019

Original post photo was banned because it showed a mismatch of many races, colors, creeds, beliefs
involved in mass shootings.  

BACKGROUND:  Please note I am a born again Christian who abors antisemitism (hatred of Jews) and replacement theology (a false so called Christian teaching that the church has replaced Israel in God's plan) I love the Israeli people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Amen!  But what  I hate is the evil plans of the false Jews who are of the synagogue of Satan.   I am antizionist.  Please read this link to clearly show by scripture that antizionism is NOT antisemitism which the zionists are trying to promote.

Why AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism


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