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To all the fake Christians, The Laodicean, Nicolaitans, Cretians

  UPDATE:  November 2022: The anointing is under attack. We are in warfare on a scale unseen and in these last moments of this era we will be in battle. Amen! King Saul’s disobedience - was “partial obedience” to not kill off all the enemies of Israel as God commanded him.  Study how the anointing left Saul and how Samuel anointed David, the shepherd boy - taking him from the sheep pen - KING.    Read and meditate on 1 Samuel Chapters 15, 16, 17.  Note the Battle against Goliath was as much spiritual as it was in the physical realm. A KEY TO UNDERSTANDING SOMETHING ESSENTIAL TO EQUIP THE SAINTS: DAVID WAS ANOINTED KING BEFORE - BEFORE HE FOUGHT GOLIATH AND HAD TO BATTLE - ESCAPE SAUL FOR ABOUT 15 YEARS BEFORE HE ACTUALLY BECAME KING.  THIS IS A HUGE LESSON FOR US IN OUR DAILY WARFARE UNTIL JESUS BRINGS US HOME AND WE INHERIT OUR TRUE ANOINTING. Satan through the AntiChrist Jezebel spirit has been trying to take the line of David away. This INCLUDES THE ANOINTED SAINTS IN CHRIST WHO SHA

And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever! Revelation 11:15 KJV Amen!

Article by Breakpoint.Org George Frideric Handel was mainly a composer of operas. In fact, he composed dozens of them. Though his productions were popular in 18th century London, Handel had his enemies — he was a foreigner, born in Germany, by many accounts  not  a very likeable fellow, and his rivals detested his style of opera. He was also kind of a large, awkward man, rough and hot-tempered enough to earn the nickname “The Great Bear.”   When his operas and his health began to fail, Handel sank into bankruptcy and despair, believing his career was over. In 1741, he was invited to Ireland to direct one of his works at a charity performance. Handel decided to write a new oratorio.   A deeply religious man, he turned away from the human foibles common to his operas and chose his text and themes from Scripture. It was then that something remarkable happened. He began composing with a super-human zeal and energy. People thought

Merry Christmas! December 25th is NOT based on a Pagan celebration

The purpose of this Blog is to Refute and Rebuke so called Christians attacking Christmas. They are unwittingly aligning with the enemy in more ways than they can imagine.  To steal the hope and joy of Christmas with the focus on the joy of our Savior's birth is evil.  Over the past decade there's been an overwhelming attack on Christmas. It started, it seems even further back some thirty years ago when we started seeing Merry X-mas.  Taking Christ out of Christmas.  But for the past decade a slew (slew: a violent or uncontrolled sliding movement) of  fake Christians have been shaming us for celebrating Christmas. For  even mentioning the word "Christmas" those of us who believe Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ are demonized for worshipping Satan.  I'd mention them and call them out one by one, but I'm not going to waste my time.   I'm sickened and fed up with these "bastards"... Read about the bible account of a bastard begin wi