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Thank you James Woods, on behalf of a grateful nation

James Woods Twitter Tweet to AOC: ✔ @RealJamesWoods So, you may have missed this, but the way it works in America is YOU work for US. The last time somebody told Americans to sit down and shut up was 1776. If you ever learn to read, look it up. You are not only a idiot, you’re an arrogant idiot, and there is nothing more dangerous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ✔@AOC Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis. Until then, we’re in charge - and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.

A Stern Rebuke to Watchman on the Wall 88; Vain Imagination

VIDEO BY Watchman on The Wall 88 Drug & Alcohol Addiction Deliverance right here, right now! LINK Image This Rebuke is sent to WATCHMAN ON THE WALL 88 from a sinner saved by grace and delivered by that same grace from 30 plus years of alcoholism. Young man, I have prayed and meditated before sending this comment to you. My spirit was deeply stirred and frankly outraged by the photo of “your” twisted version and doctrine of demonic interpretation of depicting Jesus in a picture of taking the drug with - for this lost wicked soul. This picture is so wrong and frankly evil on so many levels. I admonish you young man and ask you to prayerfully think about these things. Email me if you wish to discuss, otherwise know this, I’ve unsubscribed from your channel and and pray you mature in Christ and stop this kind of false teaching. Also Salvation is not a 5 minute lesson it is simply 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesians 2:8,9. You add any m

When They say PEACE & SAFETY then sudden destruction comes

LINK 1 Thessalonians 5:3-5 King James Version (KJV) 3  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 4  But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. 5  Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.

The Canary in the Mineshaft: #New World Order Anti Christ Right vs Left Trump, Conservatives, Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews

See if you can connect the dots. * 1 * * 2 * * 3 * NEWS   CATHOLIC CHURCH , Ben Shapiro: This time, leftist radicals are coming for Catholics first, then us Jews Ben Shapiro on Bill Maher's show Real Time June, 2018. Real Time with Bill Maher / Youtube screen grab Martin M. Barillas Wed Feb 20, 2019 - 5:20 pm EST   CALIFORNIA, February 19, 2019 ( LifeSiteNews ) – Pro-life conservative and orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro told a group of Catholic business leaders that lefist media and progressive politicians’ assaults on religious people have been “first and foremost” on Catholics. At the Jan. 24-26 Legatus conference of Catholic business executives, which took place in Dana Point, CA, Shapiro spoke on how to create positive religious values in a secular world. While identifying three specific threats, he said: “Unfortunately, the a

The Best Compilation of Ravenous Wolves in the Church today

Abortion is child sacrifice an ancient pagan ritual that continues today

Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice Non-Technical - Jan 05, 2012 - by  Andrew White MD Share/recommend this article: This article was published in an abridged, full-color format in the  Winter 2012 issue of Bible and Spade. EXCERPT The Winter 2012 issue of Bible and Spade may be the most important issue we have ever produced. It is dedicated to the subject of child sacrifice in the ancient world and Israel, and modern day abortion. In conjunction with the release of this issue, ABR will also be posting online articles to supplement Bible and Spade. In addition, ABR is offering the "180" DVD, featuring Ray Comfort. This 33 minute video documents discussions with 8 individuals who are pro-abortion. With impeccable logic and grace, Mr. Comfort helps these folks change their minds about modern day child sacrifice taking place in abortion clinics all across our land. We pray that this DVD, Bible and Spade, and our online articles will help changes hearts an

3 nagging questions about Pastor Lawson

I love listening to Pastor Lawson.  Although he runs a Brick and Mortar 501C3 operation which I strongly condemn - See Note 1 Below -  He's a conservative old time preacher man that always can be counted on to preach an impassioned, politically incorrect Bible based sermon...  However, there are for me, 3 very nagging problems, questions I have for - to him: 1.   Why does he say he's not making any blanket condemnation of Mormons and Masons (time stamp 37:00) yet speak out against the heretical teachings of their leaders?  To me this is the same as saying I'm not condemning the SS and their belief system but only their leader Mr. Hitler. 2.  Why is Pastor Lawson not calling out the Catholic Church, but eviscerates the Pope, or at least some of the Popes and implies some were OK.   He somehow believes that the Catholic Faith is separate from the Pope which is frankly unimaginable.  What are you up to here Pa

Social Justice Gospel is not BIBLICAL

Lighthouse Trails Inc NEW BOOKLET: The Dangerous Truth About the Social-Justice “Gospel” April 14, 2014 by  Lighthouse Trails Editors The Dangerous Truth About the Social-Justice “Gospel”  written by Mary Danielsen is our newest  Lighthouse Trails  Print  Booklet . The Booklet is 18 pages long and sells for $1.95 for single copies. Quantity discounts are as much as 50% off retail.   Below is the content of the booklet.   To order copies of   The Dangerous Truth About the Social-Justice “Gospel,” click here.  Also included in this Booklet are the following two lists: 1) Some Key Players in the Social Gospel Movement; 2) Some Buzz Words in the Social Justice Gospel Movement. The Dangerous Truth About the Social-Justice “Gospel”   By Mary Danielsen Many Christian believers are expressing concern today, and rightly so, over something called “social justice” or the “social-justice gospel.” Jim Wallis, founder of  Sojourners  magazine, is one of the top “change agents” in the socia