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Judgment Revealed For the Lost and For the Church Amen! #Discipleship #EndTimes #Rapture #Tribulation

  Judgment Revealed  For The lost and for the House of God - The Church Amen! Maranatha! Understand this... There are 2 distinct Judgments of God: This lost world’s Judgment For God which brings The very, very  soon Judgment Of  God’s WRATH  Romans 1:18 - And the Judgment - Discipline of God for His children because whom he loves he chastens.  Hebrews 12:6 And the BEMA Judgment to come for the Saints after the RAPTURE. This teaching was confirmed: of  The Scriptures of The Dream of The Incident of The Impartial Witness  An impartial witness is one who is independent of the research and may not be unfairly influenced by those involved Background: In a series of extraordinary - supernatural events in the past few days, which I lay out below in this Blog, the Lord has compelled me to sound out a warning, another warning to the lost that we are at the end of this age.   If you are not saved, find Jesus now, the end is so very near. There are those who confuse the Gospel and preach another