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HR5 is Franklin Graham's Antithesis to push Moderate Christians into the Trump Evangelical Coalition

And here's the Antithesis, the extreme Right Push against the Left to drive moderate Christian's into the MAGA Trump Evangelical camp. Graham is like his father Billy who like his father Satan has the genius to spread in the Leaven with the Manna. Should we Christians push against HR5? Absolutely. But it is futile.  If you think Trump or your Republican Congress or Conservative Supreme court will save you, then you're truly asleep. The only way out is get out of your already apostate 501c3 buildings called churches and get your children out of the public school system and even private school system and homeschool them. Please read these Blogs for Background Information: Franklin Graham supports LGBTQ rights Why I as a Born Again Christian don't go to church I Don't Go To Church (

The insane hoax of the Ozone Layer

The Ozone Layer is an insane hoax.

Joel Rosenberg exposed as an apostate evangelist ; charlatan; ecumenical NWO Zionist

To God be the Glory Forever Amen! And at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. AMEN! This morning I read the below Blog post by Joel Rosenberg where he proudly speaks at the US State Department's conference on religious freedom. On the surface this looks like a most positive and wonderful offering of religious tolerance and upon a deeper look its actually a magnificent offering of peace and safety on a global scale However, as an awake born again Christian who reads his KJV Bible here's what Joel is really saying against the back drop of scripture: 1 Thessalonins 5:3 3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. Major Update Peace Deal Signing Ceremony Washington DC September 15,  2020 week, Evangelicals around the world are seeing God's answer to decades of patient, faithful prayers for the peace of Jerusa

The Greatest Love Story Ever Written: The Mystery of the Church

THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH: “The Shepherd and the Shulamite” By Keith Malcomson The Song of Solomon is certainly my favourite book of the Old Testament. From a child I have been most aware that it opened up a deep revelation concerning intimate fellowship with the person of Jesus Christ.    Just as the Book of Ruth was read each year at the Feast of Pentecost by Israel, the Book of Solomon was read by them at Passover. Its theme and message is redeeming love. It speaks of the Bride and the Blood.    It starts with the words  “Song of Songs”  (1:1). Solomon wrote 1005 songs and 3000 proverbs (I Kgs.4:32), yet this is the greatest song he ever wrote. It is  thee  song or the greatest song of all. Moses and David were also song writers but this is indeed the greatest.    Solomon   Most commentators and Bible teachers, both ancient and modern, teach that Solomon in this song is a type of Christ and that the Shulamite is a type of the Church. But this is only par