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Messianic Jews mixing The GOSPEL of GRACE with GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM

Our Jewish Roots video teaching the Gospel and adding The Kingdom Dispensation into his Teaching.   Not rightly dividing causes major blunders in Preaching The Gospel in this Dispensation of GRACE. Here's my comment Whoops!  What Happened at time 3:03 in this video? At time 3:03 why did you pour in leaven of a false gospel for this AGE OF GRACE aka THE CHURCH AGE.  The Gospel is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.  TRUE! AMEN! You've stated correctly Praise God! And then... OUCH... as do most of our Messianic Brethren you fail to understand the Age of Grace - the Gospel as given to Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV BECAUSE you sneak in the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM as evidenced by you introducing Mark 1:15 at time 3:03. You along with Evangelicals who also do not know how to rightly divide scripture who for example add in the ABC Salvation from Romans 10:8,9 KJV which is written to the JEWS who will go through the time of Jacob's Trouble.  To be sav

Church Building 501C3 Operations HUGE SCAM - 10 % Tithe

  Church Building 501C3 Operations HUGE SCAM - Here's another glaring example Excerpt from article Kris Jenner Founded A Church With A $1000 A Month Membership And Theorists Think It’s Secret Tax Haven ( Theorists online are taking a fresh look at Kris Jenner's church and how she could be using it to keep even more wealth in the Kardashian family accounts. In June 2008, Jenner helped found the “ California Community Church ,” which sits as a non-profit charity that requires members to pay $1,000 a month and tithe 10% of their income as donations to the church. Considering how much the public knows about the Kardashian/Jenner lifestyle, it came as a big surprise to find out that they had decided to quietly open a church. However, it’s much less of a surprise when you realize that the whole thing might just be a tax write-off so that the Kardashians/Jenners can save their money. Is Kris Jenner's church a tax haven? Churches that practice tithing have bad reputations t

Amir TSARFATI, What have you done?

Background This Blog is actually the completion of unfinished work I began back in 2018 regarding Amir Tsarfati telling his tour group of young Christians that they should not refer to themselves as "Christian" and in fact should refrain from the use of "Christian" in general. Of course, I confronted Amir by commenting on his Video and documented this to warn Christians about Amir. He set about immediately to delete the video. However, I never completely addressed what's behind his purpose and his dislike of the word Christian beyond the obvious. See links in notes below where I exposed Amir Tsarfati Sadly - I received many attacks by his low informed - obviously non bible reading followers. I feel led to share one such comment from one of his followers in notes below for the purpose of showing my readers just how lost many of his devout followers are. Notice that not one of these followers of Amir will attack directly with proof of what I write but rather cal