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The Absolute Obligation of This Life...

choose wisely because you and I both face The Absolute Obligation.   God is  SOVEREIGN   absolutely sovereign over everything and every being that was in existence, is and will be.   Who he does not rule he will OVERRULE.  The providence of God rules over the smallest concerns of men. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without him. Trace the steps which Providence took towards the advancement of Mordecai. The king could not sleep when Providence had a design to serve, in keeping him awake. We read of no illness that broke his sleep, but God, whose gift sleep is, withheld it from him. He who commanded a hundred and twenty-seven provinces, could not command one hour's sleep SINCE GOD IS ABSOLUTELY SOVEREIGN HE MUST BE WORSHIPED BY ALL CREATION AND HE WILL BE WORSHIPED BY ALL CREATION ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. AND Since there is no way to approach God other than through Jesus Christ (ACTS 4:10-12), you must repent and accept Jesus as your savior... (John 3:16)

An Anvil Breaks A Host Of Hammers...

The Anvil. The Hammer.  My mother used to say that the anvil outlasts the hammer. I never gave it much thought until the years have shown me so much. Dear Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, I pray that you grant me your grace to be as my Lord Jesus to never utter a word for myself, to defend myself, but to only seek to give you the glory forever and ever, Amen! Charles Spurgeon wrote that: "An anvil breaks a host of hammers by quietly bearing their blows." "He answered him to never a word."  Matthew 27:14 "He had never been slow of speech when he could bless the sons of men, but he would not say a single word for himself. "Never man spake like this man," and never man was silent like him. Was this singular silence the index of his perfect self- sacrifice? Did it show that he would not utter a word to stay the slaughter of his sacred person, which he had dedicated as an offering for us? Had he so entirely surrendered himse

Are God's 7 Feasts ONLY for the Jews?

As a watcher, waiting for our Lord Jesus, I've been overzealous, overanxious and thrilled waiting for each and any possible sign of our Lord calling us home.  But recently,  I am keeping an open mind and heart while Dr. Jimmy DeYoung , Prophecy Today, and others like Dr. Ice, who believe that the Rapture is NOT linked to Feast of Trumpets and that if we really study scripture carefully, we realize that the Rapture will happen at any moment.  Pre Tribulation Rapture... Question:  Are The Feasts of God given to the Jews.  Repeat:  The Feasts Belong to God no question, but is God using these convocations (rehearsals)  of His Feasts, to teach the Jews?   I wasn't  sure.. Of course we clearly see the fulfilling of the 4 spring feasts directly fulfilled by Jesus which of course affects the church (death and resurrection and the church age of pentacost), but is this a sign for the Jews?   Especially now looking carefully at the remaining 3 unfilled feasts, specifically the Fe

Please Jesus Protect me from your followers.

Please Jesus protect me from your followers. Don't know where they found this, but it is sooo true.   In the past 10 years I've endured more headaches, problems, persecutions, insults, ridicule, harassment and even threats from so called "good Christians". I did a previous Blog titled:  "The Anointing is Under Attack>"    Please check it out for details. But in short, in short period of time I was getting hit from all sides by spiritual attacks. The Holy Spirit kept refreshing me with scriptures like, "The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but.. .   and We fight not against flesh and blood, but...  and it kept on going for a season until I came upon a new set of challenges and trials. Please know and understand that we as the true believers, the remnant, the true bride of Christ are anxiously awaiting our Lord Jesus to come and take us home. Meanwhile we occupy until this day knowing we are in this world but NOT OF it.   The heathen mo

I hope Jesus takes us home on His Birthday

Image JESUS WAS BORN ON THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES, SUKKOT The relationship between the Feast of Tabernacles and the Rapture of the Church. I'm not a prophet.. I'm just sharing another high Rapture watch time coming up here soon on   Monday, 1 October  - Sunday 7 October  2012 during Sukkot

Set Your Heart Toward the Hiway Before Satan Settles You

John 14:30,31 ...FOR THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD COMETH, AND HATH NOTHING IN ME. .......... ARISE, LET US GO HENCE. Dedicated to the life ministry of Tim, Sawman, Shey.  High Plains Drifter. Set your Heart Toward the Hiway.... Jeremiah 31: 21,   Satan tries to settle us where God has made us strangers. The world has rejected Christ, and Satan wants us to be satisfied with it for our portion. The spirit of the world comes to dim the value of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Heavenly promises put the affections in another place altogether. I delight in Christ and have possession of Him. What do I want here, then? What matter who slights me? If the soul is living in Christ, and enjoying the promises, it can count it all joy when trial comes. It is better to wait for heaven than to enjoy the world.   .    shared this on twitter: A Brief Word on Abram and Lot By John Nelson Darby Genesis 13 The word of God is give

Faith is what makes you Just; The Just Shall Live By Faith

Just:    right - fair - equitable - correct - righteous - rightful This morning I crawled out of bed, feeling down that my Lord  Jesus did not catch us up in the Rapture during this Feast of  Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah 2012, which I was very confident  would happen based on so much on the internet from sound Bible scholars.   The first thing the Holy Spirit struck my  heart cords with was "Randy, Remember that The Just Shall  Live By Faith" .   Amen. I went to my Bible and looked up the verse I know by memory in Hebrews 10:38 and read and meditated on this  verse.  Then it struck me that this was written in context to  something the author of Hebrews *(I believe Paul) wanted to make clear and this was the EXACT thing I'm dealing with this morning.  We yearn for our Lord to take us home and  yet we are told to be patient, have hope because our Lord  is coming and will not tarry. (Delay on His timetable). Hebrews 10:36-38 reads: " For

Period of Grace is Over! Rosh Hashanah!!!

Another dream by bROTHER Kevin mirasi (Note:  rOsh hashanah is the feast of trumpets) SUNDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2012 A Dream Where I Heard: “The Period of Dispensation of Grace is Now Over!!!" And I Also Heard: “Rosh Hashanah!!! Rosh Hashanah!!! Rosh Hashanah!!!” On the evening of 15 th  September 2012 at around 6pm, I took a short nap. And while asleep, I found myself walking in a place that had a lot of vegetation. As I was walking I was singing a song in my native language “Mungu Wangu wee Hosana Unanitosha!!!”  (Translated in English as  “Oh My God, You are the One who fills me completely!!!” ) . And as I sang I was looking up at the sky, and I was made to understand that the LORD Jesus Christ is on His way and is going to break forth any moment in the sky and pick His bride through the rapture . As I continued walking I was interrupted by someone I know of and he was asking me a question that was bothering him, and the question was a worldly worry that

The Quintessential Expression of Evil


Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile

Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile Stevens’ former Peace Corps colleague says of him , “Chris devoted his career, and life, to improving relations between the Arabic/Islamic world and the West.” That he did and he died doing it, losing whatever career or life he might have had if he had not embarked on a futile errand to make the Muslims who killed him and paraded around his body like him. And like all those who have died over the years in the same cause,  the effort was to no avail. Posted on  Friday, September 14, 2012 3:42:59 AM The perils of designer tribalism  "............Whatever the current object of adulation— the wisdom of the East, tribal Africa, Aboriginal Australia, pre-Columbian America —the message is the same: the absolute superiority of Otherness. The Third Worldist looks to the orient, to the tribal, to the primitive not for what they re

Satan hates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine

I've been wondering lately why would there be such a movement against the truth of the doctrine of the pretribulation rapture... Then I heard the reason why. Because the devil hates this doctrine and his demons work overtime on putting it down.... why? the devil wants the church to focus on the tribulation in FEAR...UNBELIEF..... this is a must see video to understand why the RAPTURE IS  BEFORE THE TRIBULATION

Some Are Ready, Some are Not, Rapture Watch!

Some are ready, some are not... How can you tell?  Take a look and know what path you're on. In Life there are 2 paths.  These days you're either on the path of believers who either don't believe or don't care to even consider preparing for the immanent rapture of the church OR  you're on the path that is watching, waiting and so excited that you can't stop thinking and talking about it.   Please take a moment and seriously assess where you are. What path are you on?   If you're in a church and your pastor is talking about the upcoming picnic or how much money your church coffers have to build a new coffee shop or about how much God wants you in a new car, or about anything that is not "primarily" focused  on JESUS CHRIST and the soon, imminent rapture, then please stop and ask God to show you exactly where your priorities are and get right with the Lord Now!  If you don't even know what I'm talking about and don't know Je