An Anvil Breaks A Host Of Hammers...

The Anvil. The Hammer. 

My mother used to say that the anvil outlasts the hammer. I never gave it much thought until the years have shown me so much.

Dear Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, I pray that you grant me your grace to be as my Lord Jesus to never utter a word for myself, to defend myself, but to only seek to give you the glory forever and ever, Amen!

Charles Spurgeon wrote that: "An anvil breaks a host of hammers by quietly bearing their blows."

"He answered him to never a word." 
Matthew 27:14
"He had never been slow of speech when he could bless the sons of men, but he would not say a single word for himself. "Never man spake like this man," and never man was silent like him. Was this singular silence the index of his perfect self- sacrifice? Did it show that he would not utter a word to stay the slaughter of his sacred person, which he had dedicated as an offering for us? Had he so entirely surrendered himself that he would not interfere in his own behalf, even in the minutest degree, but be bound and slain an unstruggling, uncomplaining victim? Was this silence a type of the defencelessness of sin? Nothing can be said in palliation or excuse of human guilt; and, therefore, he who bore its whole weight stood speechless before his judge. Is not patient silence the best reply to a gainsaying world? Calm endurance answers some questions infinitely more conclusively than the loftiest eloquence. The best apologists for Christianity in the early days were its martyrs. The anvil breaks a host of hammers by quietly bearing their blows. Did not the silent Lamb of God furnish us with a grand example of wisdom? Where every word was occasion for new blasphemy, it was the line of duty to afford no fuel for the flame of sin. The ambiguous and the false, the unworthy and mean, will ere long overthrow and confute themselves, and therefore the true can afford to be quiet, and finds silence to be its wisdom. Evidently our Lord, by his silence, furnished a remarkable fulfilment of prophecy. A long defence of himself would have been contrary to Isaiah's prediction. "He is led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth." By his quiet he conclusively proved himself to be the true Lamb of God. As such we salute him this morning. Be with us, Jesus, and in the silence of our heart, let us hear the voice of thy love."


  1. I thought it took a lot of grace for Jesus to keep His mouth shut when everyone was accusing Him before the Sanhedrin. Then, when Jesus was hanging on the cross, certain people mocked Him and told Him to come down from that cross, if He was the Son of God. That must have been a horrible temptation for Jesus. But He knew that He came the first time to die on the cross as the Lamb of God.

    It is good for us to speak out against evil, but sometimes the Lord wants us to keep our mouths shut. We need to be led by the Holy Ghost in all things. The Lord has rebuked me more for casting pearls before swine than for anything else.

  2. Amen, Tim. Walking in the Spirit, Divine Wisdom, the Spirit of Truth will direct us what to say and when to say it. It seems the initial response is usually quietness because of EXACTLY AS YOU SAID CASTING PEARLS BEFORE THE SWINE.

    You really surprised me... You are saying the Lord has rebuked you MORE for casting pearls before the swine than for anything else???

  3. That's right. And the swine weren't unbelievers, the swine were shallow believers.

  4. Very revealing. Makes one really wonder and think about the verse, "I will spew you out of my mouth because you are neither hot or cold..... The fear of God makes me tremble just thinking on this in my morning meditation. Thank you for sharing Tim.


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