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The Final End Time Puzzle Peaces Are All Coming Together #Trump #Netanyahu #ZIONSIM #EndTimes #AntiChrist

  Trump to meet Israel's Netanyahu, speak at 'The Believers' Summit’ in Palm Beach County Trump Announces Meeting With Netanyahu At Mar-a-Lago — Years After ‘F*ck Him’ Comment Why? Joel Rosenberg asks.. "Trump said "F... " Netanyahu ".. The Zionist shuffle ( Former President and Republican presidential nominee  Donald Trump  announced that he would soon be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu  on Truth Social Tuesday while slamming Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee  Kamala Harris  over the wars that have broken out on her and President  Joe Biden’s  watch. “Looking forward to welcoming Bibi Netanyahu at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, tomorrow. During my first term, we had Peace and Stability in the Region, even signing the historic Abraham Accords – And we will have it again,” wrote Trump. “Just as I have said in discussions with President Zelensky and other World Leaders in r