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Beyond A Tenderbox; A snapshot of our current world. The Holy Spirit is restraining until the Rapture. #Jesus Saves #CCOT

Reading this recap gives a very clear insight into the complete mess of this world.  If you look closely,  especially at the situation in Israel,  we see this is way beyond a tinder box. Notice how desperate the Golan with Syria and the US SEC of Defense won't even address it with Israel on his visit. Notice how the finger is on the trigger in North Korea, and yet Trump hits breaks and calls for more sanctions. ANALYSIS :  The Holy Spirit is restraining the Global meltdown. All is in place, the stage set, past the breaking point.  The only event we now wait is the RAPTURE. Then... ALL HELL breaks loose. Even so come Lord Jesus, Amen! Maranatha! See you all very soon! Randy Sheets --------- Forwarded message ---------- From: <> Date: Apr 30, 2017 07:06 Subject: DEBKA Newsletter, April 29, 2017 Briefs Mattis leaves Israel with unanswered questions DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis The Syrian shells exploding on the Golan were ringing in Israel’s ears on

The Biblical story Of Ruth and Boaz represent the Rapture on Pentecost. Watch May 2017

From Tom Gaston Hey everyone,   I have to sharing something exciting with you that happened to me and my wife Jerry this afternoon. Today I had to go pick up my Jerry at work at 12:30.  She was getting off work early today in order to go to the doctor for her "nausea" problem. Anyway, I pulled up and Jerry came out into the car. Then we headed out and down the road in order to go get a sandwich for lunch. As I was driving I was sharing with Jerry the story about "Boaz and Ruth" in how Boaz is a picture of Christ, and Ruth is a type and picture of the "Gentile bride / the Church."  I also was sharing with her the amazing gematria's which I had found today, and of which are below. Now While I was sharing these things with my wife Jerry driving down the road I said to her "We can only hope that the Rapture is in 2017 around Pentecost."  As soon as I said this to her, I mean in that instant, I noticed the license plate on

The Craziness of The American Political Spectrum #RIGHT IS #LEFT & #LEFT IS #RIGHT. SAME BUT DIFFERENT. #ANTIFA #CCOT #JESUS

SIDE NOTE: The Bible clearly shows us the road map from the beginning to the end.  The ultimate "BIG PICTURE " of this world's political system is doomed to complete destruction when the soon coming event of the Rapture takes place after Christians have been removed from the Earth, the Holy Spirit removes His presence. AT this time, The Tribulation begins with  the  Luciferian Global Elite aka The New World Order and ultimately the structure to bring in the Beast Babylonian  System of The Antichrist take over. Mankind has struggled since the fall of Adam and Eve to govern themselves in a system that is totally under the control of Satan. Make no mistake. The World and all of the World's system is under the Control of Satan. It matters not what color your flag, your lofty ideals,  ultimately Satan is behind the scenes Pulling the strings. I truly believe God has blessed America beyond the imagination and undoubtedly allowed by and through his permissive will our form