Bill Oreilly utters prophetic words without realizing. "You would have to have Jesus come down." #Maranatha

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Hey everyone,

I was watching the "Bill Oreilly" show yesterday.  Bill was interviewing "Lou Dobbs" on his show.  They were talking about the situation in Syria.  Bill said to Lou Dobbs....."You want a conference", and Lou Dobbs responds......."I want a conference if you will in which the result is that they will stablize the world order."  Bill responds...."That would almost ( pause ), you would have to have Jesus come down!" .......WOW!  What a statement!

Bill Oreilly is NOT a Christian. He is an apostate Roman Catholic.  He doesn't understand what he said, nor does he know the prophetic importancy and sigfinicance of what he just said about "Jesus coming down" in order to fix the situation in Syria and the middle east. God uses even the mouths of the wicked to speak biblical truth. And the "timing" of Bill Oreilly's statment is uncanny timing if you ask me.  We have just enter God's religious calendar new year and prophetic month beginning on 1rst Nisan / Abib ( March 29th ).

I really believe that what is happening in Syria right now is the "last stage" which is leading to the Rapture of the Church and the destruction of the city of Damascus ( Is. 17 ).  And the momentous events which are taking place in Syria right now concerning the Assad regime using "chemical weapons" is taking place at the opening of God's religious calendar year in the month of Nisan / Abib as we are now approaching the Passover season.  this to me is very important prohetically.  The "timing" of these important events which have great prophetic significance is no doubt being orchestrated by the "hand of God."

The O'reilly Factor 4/5/17 - BILL O'REILLY | Fox News April 5, 2017 - YouTube

Move the horizontal "time bar" over to 24 min. and listen to Bill's statement about...."Jesus coming down".......

It's about time for the Church to leave this planet!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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