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What's a Christian to do?

The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest Vol: 152 Issue: 1 -  Thursday, May 01, 2014 What's A Christian To Do?   It's hard not to be angry.  The whole country seems to be turning itself on its head. The total strangers of whom most of us never heard until they began to attack us are now claiming that we are the instigators of a war we didn't know we were in until after we were attacked thirteen years ago. And our reaction is to apologize for being so Islamophobic.   Phobia  is a term which means, “an  irrational ,  unreasonable,  intense and persistent fear” – in this case, of Islam. Phobias are generally caused by an event recorded by the amygdala and hippocampus and labeled as deadly or dangerous; thus whenever a specific situation is approached again the body reacts as if the event were happening repeatedly afterward. . . In reality most phobias are irrational, in the sense that they are thought to be dangerous, but in reality are not threatening to survival in any