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Teachers and Parents don't know when the Kids are bullied, But the kids sure do

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018, 21:43  EMAIL from my daughter's teacher: Sorry for taking some time to get back with you about -----s behavior!  Here are some things that I'm noticing at school.  First off, I have had a few reports of  ( daughter )in asked to stop doing something on the playground and then the same teacher finding her doing exactly what she was asked not to do.  In class, I have had to take tags away because she has told me that she has completed something and then when I have asked to see it, she tells me that she forgot to do it.  The other thing that I have talked with ---- out is coming to me for help.  When she is upset with someone, she tries to solve it by herself.  I have had a report that she has used unkind words to another student.  When S----and I talked, she let me know that the other student was doing something to bother her.  I told her that with problems like these, she needs to involve an adult instead of trying to handle it herself.   I hope thi

The Indictment of America's Public School System; My Child will be Homeschooled; Here's my Plan

The Indictment of America's Public School System; My Child Will Be Homeschooled; Here’s My Plan This Blog serves 3 functions: 1. The Indictment - A document that makes accusations of wrongdoing and describes an unacceptable situation - of America’s Public School system. 2. The Remedy. 3. The Paradigm. Please read my Biography Conclusion and comprehensive video exposing the money game involved in Public Education See Endnotes below. UPDATE January 7, 2021 We're IN this world but not OF it.  Reference to John 17 KJV. We have to be led by the Lord in knowing through wisdom how we navigate through this world. Lessons Learned: After 2 1/2 years of happy, successful, fulfilling homeschooling, my daughter will be returning public school after the winter break.  Although I'm saddened and frankly disheartened by this decision, I know in my heart that it is in "her" best interest - first and foremost.   I met a parent at my daughter's swim team practice the o

Hello! I'm your new Mommy. Trust Me! Compliance Mandatory! Resistance Futile!

I am writing this based on extensive experience including living and working in a Communist Country for over 6 years. I am a licensed High School Teacher. Your Child's School is most likely using and is in full compliance with TRUST BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION. Please read my indictment of the Public School System. LINK Trust Based Relational Intervention. My daughter brought this letter home in her backpack innocuously - innocuous -  in full meaning mixed in with her daily school work: LETTER  TRUST BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION ® DEVELOPED BY DRS. KARYN PURVIS AND DAVID CROSS Why is Center Grove prioritizing trauma informed initiatives? ,.,, Center Grove Community School Corporation has worked diligently to provide a safe learning environment for students to learn and grow. In order to continue these efforts , Center G ro ve is prioritizing a trauma informed initiative to address childhood adversity and i ts effect on s tudents ' academic, s