Hello! I'm your new Mommy. Trust Me! Compliance Mandatory! Resistance Futile!

I am writing this based on extensive experience including living and working in a Communist Country for over 6 years. I am a licensed High School Teacher.

Your Child's School is most likely using and is in full compliance with TRUST BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION.

Please read my indictment of the Public School System. LINK

Trust Based Relational Intervention.
My daughter brought this letter home in her backpack innocuously - innocuous -  in full meaning mixed in with her daily school work:


Why is Center Grove prioritizing trauma informed initiatives?

Center Grove Community School Corporation has worked diligently to provide a safe learning environment for students to learn and grow. In order to continue these efforts, Center Grove is prioritizing a trauma informed initiative to address childhood adversity and its effect on students' academic, social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes. Thorough training and consultation in Trust
Based Relational Intervention® will provide the foundation needed to become a trauma informed school district.

What is Trust Based Relational Intervention®?

Trust Based Relational Intervention® is an attachment based, trauma informed approach designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Although this research based intervention was designed for children who have experienced adversity (e.g., prenatal stress, traumatic birth, early
hospitalization, neglect, abuse, divorce, and other distressing events), TBRI® is beneficial for all students. High doses of adversity are linked to negative outcomes such as low academic performance, high school dropout, substance abuse, high-risk behavior, incarceration, mental health issues , and physical health issues. By comprehensively addressing the three pillars of trauma informed care (i.e., connection, self-regulation, and felt safety) through the use of TBRI®, children can develop the resiliency needed to overcome their adversity.

What are some key components of Trust Based Relational Intervention®?
  • Trauma  impacts the brain and can change the d velopment I traiectory of a  child .
  • Connection and relationship with a trusted adult 1s the most important component to create a
foundation for healing.    .    .
  • Due to previous life experiences, not all students feel afe at s hool. Cre ting an env ronment
of felt safety is essential in order for students to experience optimal emotional, behaviora,l
social  and academic functioning.    .
  • Stude'nts are taught how to monitor and modulate thei level of self-regulation.    .    . .
  • Addressing students' physiological needs (e.g., h drat1on, blood glucose, and physical act1v1ty) helps them stay regulated emotionally and behaviorally th:oughout the s_chool day .
  • Punitive measures that punish and shame students can trigger a fight, flight, or freeze response and often exacerbate trauma .
    • Student misbehavior is viewed as an attempt to get a need met.
    • By looking beyond students' survival strategies and identifying what they need, stud ents can be mentored on how to get those needs met in a healthy, appropriate way, often by using voice.
      • The Correcting Principles of TBRI® provide tools for mentoring students through behavioral
challenges in ways that disarm their fear response , maintain connection with the adult, and result in changed behavior, often through experiential learning.
For more information:

C reated by Amy Abell, Ed.S. \S C H O O L P S Y C H O L O G IS T I TB R I® P R A C T IT IO NE R I
End Quote.
This seemingly well intentioned letter is announcing her school is now fully participating in TBRI. And my child was in the program without my consent. Of course most parents never read the letter. If a few actually read it, even fewer would even understand, care to understand or dare question its meaning.
Trust Based Relational Intervention TBRI  created by the federal government by private backed warehousing corporations - staffed with probably unemployable psychiatrists - was originally designed for Foster Care Providers.  But now your Public Schools are employing this on your children.
For a comprehensive study on TBRI here is link:
The last step in the process is to take parents out of teaching basic morals and social practices for our children.  Education has been removed by Common Core and Standardized Testing  and now teaching your child morality and life struggles has been and currently being removed from the parents. Please read the attached letter above from my daughter’s school:
If you’re too busy to read this and or do not understand what this letter is saying, Please let me translate:   “We are now teaching and indoctrinating your child to trust implicitly and completely our programmed adults as in such a manner they will be surrogate parents and eventually replace you mom and dad as your child’s go to point of contact in all matters pertaining their personal lives as well as their issues here at school.  By the way, we know your children far better than you since we spend far more time with them on a daily basis.
WAKE UP PARENT! Take time each day to spend quality time with your child. Listen to them. Read to them. Love them and Teach them about Jesus.


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