An Open Letter with comments to all Pastors, Church Officials, Seminary Professors and Students

ry_guy7  is a person whom I believe may be an elder and possibly a former seminary student. He wrote this comment below in response to the following letter in this link:   

A Doctrinally observant but relationally Fellow elders, this is a good practicum letter to bring into the classroom at seminary. Teach your students how to deal with this as they go into pastoral ministry. "I believe that it's best that we leave so that our differences don't end up causing more stress which could spread to other members of the body of Christ. It has been a learning experience, but I feel it's time to "get off the train" because the ride is getting bumpy and unpleasant as I see now that it is not going in the direction that I thought it was going" I would start with decisive statements like this after having combed through the whole of this. Differences we can't or won't work through is a question to ask them in council. You would also have to address the fact that these charges are not established by two or three different parties against the pastor here. What is positive? The fact he sent the letter and didnt just get mad and leave. The fact that he was so open about all his thoughts.

ry?guy7 thank you for your thoughts here. Although I didn't write this letter or attend this church "building", I'd like to respond to your comments: you say this letter is doctrinal but  "relationally petty". My response: There is no relationship here. This man behind the pulpit is obviously both doctrinally and spiritually “'lost”. Yes, this is a classic Blind leading the Blind scenario.  I'd think the scripture of "Come out from among them..." 2 Corinthians 6:17 would be most suited and appropriately applied here. About bringing these charges up established by 2 or 3 different parties (2 Corinthians 13:1), he had his wife as a witness. But seriously, this is what you need to bring up in your seminary classroom: The absolute reality and truth in this entire issue of using biblical procedures against someone in the church would only apply to someone who is an official in the "church" . This man behind the pulpit here who is being justifiably called out is just another Jesuit seminary trained charlatan CEO falsely called Pastor running a brick and mortar 501C3 operation falsely called a church. The true church is THE BODY OF CHRIST - not a building with a mixture of mostly fake christians, reprobates and unbelievers run by the regulations of the traditions of man that has been completely infiltrated by the Vatican. I truly wish you and your fellow seminary fellows would read these blogs we've done: Please Read before responding:
"Today's churches are establishing the kingdom of the antichrist, my 50 year testimony of attending churches around the world"  Here's the link:

Mind you, I watched my son, a highly decorated, multi tour, combat military officer, go into seminary with a very close relationship with Jesus Christ.  He'd read to me passages from his text books in horror. By the time he received his Master's Degree in Divinity, he had grown silent and become a follower of the traditions of men.  The Blogs carefully lay out the scripture and the evidence in real life experiences. Please read them before commenting. Thank you. I truly hope and pray you find that being a true disciple of Jesus Christ has absolutely nothing to do with Religion and your pagan buildings. Amen! Maranatha!


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