The Indictment of America's Public School System; My Child will be Homeschooled; Here's my Plan

The Indictment of America's Public School System; My Child Will Be Homeschooled; Here’s My Plan

This Blog serves 3 functions: 1. The Indictment - A document that makes accusations of wrongdoing and describes an unacceptable situation - of America’s Public School system. 2. The Remedy. 3. The Paradigm.

Please read my Biography Conclusion and comprehensive video exposing the money game involved in Public Education See Endnotes below.


December 2023:

We had to bring our daughter back into a homeschool environment.  Between the bullying and her inability to cope with that environment, her behavior and mental health was deteriorating exponentially.  She went from honors math and language arts, honor roll straight A's,  winning record on the girls golf team, making divisional qualification in state swimming, to bad grades and withdrawal.  After multiple teacher parent meetings, school counsellor, and behavior intervention specialists, we realized it was in our daughter's best interest to remove her from school.  Part of every parent wants to protect their children from this world and yet we know they have to learn coping skills that we had to learn growing up. In the end we removed her.


UPDATE January 7, 2021

We're IN this world but not OF it.  Reference to John 17 KJV.

We have to be led by the Lord in knowing through wisdom how we navigate through this world.

Lessons Learned:

After 2 1/2 years of happy, successful, fulfilling homeschooling, my daughter will be returning public school after the winter break.  Although I'm saddened and frankly disheartened by this decision, I know in my heart that it is in "her" best interest - first and foremost.   I met a parent at my daughter's swim team practice the other night and we talked at length about this decision. She told me that she had read my Blog - this one - and was thankful to learn so much about our public school system. 

To my surprise, she said she desperately wanted to homeschool but since her daughter suffered from a rare debilitating learning disability which she was completely and obviously unable to handle at home, she found - in her opinion - tremendous resources and staff at the local public school who could deal with this.

I told her I agreed completely and fully understood. I stated that homeschooling is not for everyone. Then I gave her my news about how we were sending our daughter back to school and that I would be doing an update to this Blog.


For the past two- and one-half years my daughter has had far superior education and a deeper developed parent and child relationship. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, she is lacking the essential element of working, playing, learning, and coping with other children.  I tried all the social groups that homeschooling promised. I went to the library and other gatherings even before Covid restrictions and I was continually met with what I'd term as "strange and uncomfortable" adults and children who either overtly or disguised through highly evolved defense mechanisms, shunned my child from entering into their sphere.  In most cases I observed the children had their siblings or relatives or very close friends in their church or social group to play with and any outsider was a stranger - danger.  At first I found this to be a challenge to overcome. However, the more I tried to interact with these social groups, the more blatant the rejection. 

If the reader thinks I may have been overreacting or perhaps have social anxiety or complicated undeveloped social skills - think again.  I've lived in hundreds of uncomfortable social groups from my world travels and extreme interaction in the military and in the corporate as well as the educational world settings.

I joined on group but found out there were closely linked to a local church.  Although I am a strong Christian, I found the doctrine and practice of this particular church cultish and believe it or not I had to write an email to one of the parents to tell them to stop trying to get me to join the church membership and to attend his counselling sessions (which were NOT free).  The parents were frankly straight out of scenes of CHILDREN OF THE CORN. 

Another group we joined would never call back or plan a get together.  Then there was another National group that takes your money and plans all kinds of events that either don't take place or are run by a few bullies at the top of the pyramid.

I kept our daughter enrolled in as many activities as possible. These included swim team, riding, golf, skiing.  However, at the end of each session, the parents rush their kids into the car and off we go.

At other events for homeschoolers, I'd notice the children could not relate to others very well and seemed to be socially awkward and withdrawn.  In one instance, a child said he felt more comfortable hanging out with adults instead of meeting other kids.  Alarms went off, but I tried to keep an open mind.

Finally, this year after Thanksgiving Break, our daughter kept complaining about not getting to see other kids. She said she missed her classmates terribly. This only increased. Then she stopped doing her work and require more and more intervention.  Then one day I was at the end of my rope.  My wife and I pleaded with our daughter to get her work finished and we'd go do some fun stuff.

She became withdrawn and depressed, and I could see her begin to regress. She was losing her laughter and easy-going nature.  

We asked her if she really wanted to go back to school even though there would be bullying, masks, early morning wake ups, to bed earlier, boring classes, etc. etc.  To our shock she was overwhelming in her response to get back to school NO MATTER WHAT. 

After he first day back she was a completely different person. She was so excited. She wouldn't stop telling me about her new teacher, her fun classmates, her projects.

We knew we made the right decision.\



Although a parent may be best suited, equipped and able to home school, and make the best plans and have the highest most noble ideas for their children - in the end we find that each child is unique as fingerprint as a snowflake, and they must live out their life. We can't live their life for them. 



The Indictment is composed of 3 specific and well documented charges:

1. No Child Left Behind - Every Child Succeeds (currently coined by law passed in 2015) is a corporate scam to use the government as the muscle to enforce compliance through Title 1 funding sanctions that ensures failure of public education that enslaves students into a herd in need of warehousing into a private charter school operated by corporate businessmen making billions of dollars. Yes, it’s true, the Emperor has no clothes. Yes, this flawed philosophical lie is on the lips of every school administrator out there. And Yes this is Marxist ideology to dumb down and enslave the masses to enrich the elite at the top. (Please see my Bio of living, teaching in a Communist country for over 6 years).

2. Full Inclusion of All Students with Learning Disabilities in the Regular Education Classroom. Forcing Children who need exclusion into a world of pure hell for both the special needs child as well as their public peer. (I include 1 year of actual experience in a SPED classroom and the inclusion program).

3. Selling our own children, merchandising them off as bullied (by both peers and adults) chattel slaves, by warehousing them in Big Brother Government and his Evil Twin, Corporate Greed buildings for 12 years.

Read where Harvard Professor wants Homeschool banned because she believes parents should not have 24/7 access to their children

See new proposed legislation to make students school day go from 8AM to 6PM in order to coincide with working parent's hours... Family Friendly School Act

Perfect proof of how the money game is played with our children. Formula make sure our kids can't read and get paid big bucks by big government to make sure they can.

California schools win $53 Million Dollar lawsuit from state for poor reading performance by students

Even in California, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, 16 to drive a car, 21 to buy a gun, alcohol, or pot. But if you want to change your gender? Well, then, you just have to be 12. And your public school will be more than happy to help.
Need an abortion? Tell your teacher. Want to refill your birth control? Go to the school clinic. Thinking about starting hormone treatments? Your parents will never find out. At least, not under the policy the California Teachers Association (CTA) is pushing. That's the amazing revelation from last month's union meeting. On January 26th, the CTA decided to go big on the LGBT agenda -- adding "transgender and binary youth" to the students who can leave class for medical reasons without their parents' permission.

Update:  November 2021:  Here's shock article how the California School System has found the way around parental consent to full indoctrination of your child into the LBGTQ through GSA

Warehouse object mentality is overt Student Labeling by teachers. Please read terrible side effects of labeling and how students self fulfill prophecy.

Meanwhile they make merchandise - Capital Profit off of our children - exactly in the same market model of herd stock cattle trading - through enticement, intimidation, compliance and psychological and moral destruction through the triad of Common Core, Standardized Testing and (Marxist) Trust Based Relational Intervention.

US Secretary of Education reveals Common Core has proven to be disastrous

Arkansas Mother obliterates Common Core in 4 minutes.

Ivy League schools openly recruit homeschooled students yet Harvard wants to control it

See link about how Teachers and Parents don't know when children are bullied LINK

Teachers and Parents don't know when the Kids are bullied, But the kids sure do (

Also included in this link is how I had repeatedly requested my daughter's public school to respond to me regarding a bullying incident and they finally responded to after 3 email requests. Bottom line: Schools are overwhelmed with problems and frankly, your kid really doesn't matter but is a faceless number for their rolls to get more state and government funding. Also, regarding years of living in a Communist country I can now see the same disregard for the parent and where parents are subjects to the totalitarian rule of the school and school boards.

Also included in this category is the alarming emergence and militarization of the GSA Gay-Straight-Alliance already working in our school system. K-12 currently learning full spectrum of LBGTX initiatives. I am not addressing the issue of homosexuality in this Blog. If readers want to debate this, this is not the place. My point here in this Blog is to bring out that schools are now legally, by law, giving the GSA access to your children without your knowledge. This is not a homophobic scare tactic. I was in my classroom and someone placed a GSA sticker on my classroom door and made sure I understood that I was being monitored. Also, now in Canada this practice is now being done where students have been taken out of class by GSA members for indoctrination. Here's link: LINK

The Remedy is composed of well documented proof as to why Homeschooling is the solution, and had been the solution until the late 1800’s in America - giving Historical and Biblical proof. Including: God’s eternal plan from the Beginning before the Fall of Mankind, After The Fall of Mankind, God’s plan for how a child should be trained, taught (educated) by parents and had been since creation. And Why parental training, including the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) had been removed from parents and given to the state, and why now even disciplining and moral guidance and compliance is being taken away.

See a Homeschool Mom give the 5 Myths of Homeschool

Get your kids out of school

The Paradigm is composed of “my personal” “my child tailored” first year Curriculum including: Course Outline, Syllabus, and Lesson Plans for my child who is a 6 year old girl currently enrolled in first grade of a very well funded and top shelf public school. She will monitor her own progress and use self created Rubrics on her assessments.

All Lesson Plans will be strictly designed for end game "Creating" level learning of Bloom's Learning Domains. After 3 to 5 years maximum of training I fully expect her to be creating her own course outlines, lesson plans and assessments and associated rubric.

My daughter has an A grade point average. Normal functioning child. I will provide my actual plan for her first year of homeschooling which will begin next school year. The end goal: At a minimum: When my daughter is 16 years old she will possess the knowledge and course mastery of successful completion of 2 years of university. My daughter’s academic accomplishments will be validated by a minimum of a 1500 SAT score. Her knowledge of the Bible will match or exceed a Master’s Level and in most cases a Phd Level Theologian. For those who would mock this statement I invite you to read 2 recent letters I’ve addressed to Phd’s in Theology who have refused to respond to my open rebuke of their teachings. (Read all in LINK

This also includes a front row seat to see my adult son’s theological Master’s Degree take him into a tailspin of apostasy.

To accomplish this goal, my entire model will be based on God’s existence and ours at creation: The Godhead of 3 parts: Body, Soul, Spirit. In Genesis 1:26,27: “And God said, Let Us make man in our own image…” Hence, the training will be conducted in the 3 areas of Body, Soul, and Spirit. The key emphasis and bedrock foundation will be King James Bible training, including dispensational truth, identifying the true meaning of church existing as the Body of Christ, and other sound Bible teaching. The Spirit guides the Soul of mankind without which there is ship without rudder.

The Soul will be composed knowledge of the the main key facets of the 3 R’s, the sciences from applied science through social science, history, humanities, information technology and art. Each building block will be applied use. Example, why are we learning 2x2=4? Let’s use this in a real life scenario.

Next, in learning the body, an understanding will be balanced but understood that the body is subservient to the soul which is subservient to the Holy Spirit through our spirit. Physical training will consist of muscle skeletal, core, aerobic, diet, nutrition, personal hygiene, prevention and homeopathic as well as home economics including food preparation, sewing, household and budget planning, survival training, weapons, self defense. In short, taking care of our physical body.


1. No Child Left Behind. Now called Every Student Succeeds. Where did this come from? Hillary Clinton? Hardly. .

Although the main legislation behind this mantra is monetary at its root, the common interpretation among parents and educators alike is: “every child deserves a chance and not one deserves to fail.” Even if this means my kid enduring a dumbing down to keep us all at the same pace. Even if this means my kid enduring the humiliation of being pulled along with higher achievers. I guarantee you that in all subjects my child far exceeds some of her classmates and is far lacking behind others as well. What a revelation this may be. Yes we as human beings are extremely complex and different. Fingerprints are as snowflakes.

We are individually created unique not a beehive. My daughter continually feels and fights off the extremes of superiority at looking at slow kids (false pride through perception) and in another instance feels the sheer humility (false shame through perception) of seeing another classmate blow her doors off. If you don’t think a child perceives and understands precisely the academic and physical pecking order of their classmates you are wrong. Either you don’t observe or you’re in an illusion. Welcome to life one might say. True, but what is really happening is completely unrealistic perceptions in the end create a herd mentality and enslave the child into compliance and obedience that kills creativity by dumbing down and shame.

If you do your own research on the extensive history of literally millions of pages of law and philosophical rantings of educators, lawmakers and corporate leaders, it all comes down to this: The Government has been shoehorned by private business to privatize public schools to make them a better learning environment. The government of course gets to enforce this through holding funding. Conservative Religious Right Wing politicians and their greedy businessmen are ready to make this happen. Meanwhile left wing Marxists are fighting to keep the schools in the public sector, yet play the standardized testing game because the government pays their salary.

My best research indicates this philosophical ideological propaganda comes from the age old concept of bait and switch. Engineer to Fail so I can prove you need help you really don’t need. Known as Antithesis - Thesis- Synthesis or better known as Good Cop - Bad Cop aka Create a Problem and We Give you a solution. Aka we tell you what you need because we know better than you. If you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you by giving your child an exam he/she will surely fail and then make your child join all the other dummies and herd them into my warehouse and you through the state pay me millions of dollars to warehouse them until they will enter the labor market as perfectly dumbed down slaves.

From school warehouses the child will either enter the corporate prison system warehouse, the corporate industrial military complex, or the slave market of low income minimum wage service industry a days work for a days bread.


Full inclusion is wrong, it’s not fair and frankly speaking is abusive on both sides of the equation.

For one school year while doing my classroom practical training for my teaching license I was assigned to SPED (Special Education. at an elementary school belonging to a top achieving, very well funded school district in Texas. By God’s leading I ended up working in this position for the entire school year. Before this experience I had assumed that children with disabilities were mostly supervised and educated in special classrooms segregated from other normal functioning students. I was shocked actually to learn that through this full inclusion program, special needs students were fully integrated into the classroom with other students. This is a wonderful concept on paper but in the real world it is extremely problematic not to mention the potential dangers for both the normal students as well as the special needs child. I am strongly opposed to this absurd program and want to expose it. And please note: Even the advocacy group for children with learning disabilities is opposed to the full integration, inclusion of all students with general education.

For more information please read:

I’m not talking here without firsthand knowledge. For one entire school year, I was mostly assigned as a one on one with an autistic 12 year old boy who exhibited explosive, violent episodes on a periodic, almost daily basis. I had gone through the rigors of CPI Training (how to properly and safely physically restrain a child) and observed trained and licensed Psychologists and SPED teachers deal with this child, but basically when the experts left, it was my responsibility to 1. make sure this child did not physically harm other students, teachers or himself. 2. Guide him in learning his required 5th grade curriculum that included sitting in with general population students and some in his own classroom with either other children with learning disabilities. And, whenever he had a severe episode, bring him into his own isolated classroom. But since there had been a serious incident that was kept top secret which I learned through very elaborate means was this boy had physically attacked a female teacher, sending her to the hospital with multiple fractures. The school administration was terrified about allowing this child around the general population and tried to segregate him. The school district with pressure from the state and federal authorities and parent and advocacy groups were pushing the school to make this kid a normal kid and teach him with other kids.

When I came on the scene, I had unknowingly found myself in the middle of this turmoil. There was an environment of extreme dysfunctional secrecy and double meaning talk and extraordinary politically correct, rehearsed language and phraseology. Silence and Denial of the Open Secret. The Elephant in The Room like I’ve never seen in my entire life. Why? All were terrified as being called out as “Politically Incorrect” “Not being a Team Player” to the insanity of inclusion. Note: This also on a different subject is the same as trying to fully integrate hispanic kids and other languages who come into the classroom. Because of being bilingual I also got to see this mess. And was even asked to be the private tutor of a DACA child who was secretly government funded through some private church to integrate.

Back to my SPED child. I truly loved this child, once he and I were left alone in his private room with his comfy surroundings I soon realized how incredibly, off the charts, in another super world, far beyond ours, is where this child lived. As an example he would give me a description of exactly what happened to him on any given day going back to his toddler days giving me details including what he had for breakfast, and the verbatim conversation he had with his family. Looking at an Atlas of the United States, he would recite by memory details of any city in America including population, number of schools, hospitals, names of hospitals, restaurants, streets, the address of city hall, phone numbers, etc. I would literally sit there in awe and was continually abraded by him for not remembering the 5th largest city of Michigan or the square miles of Lake Superior and of course not knowing when Utah became a state, date and year. Life was wonderful when this child and I would do our world of him showing me his world. For moments of structured time blocks we’d transition and I would bring him down to my mundane world of some reading, math and some story about Mr. Science Guy and his dinosaur world.

Tragically, our special world came to a screeching halt when it was time to integrate and do things that “””normal kids””” do. One day the school principal came in and told him he had to stand up and come with her for something. The boy blew up and I had to seriously use all my strength to keep him from mauling her, assaulting her in savagery I’d only before witnessed in bear mauling documentaries. Whenever I was out in general public I had to be on my absolute highest level of alertness for a potential explosion. He would often say something completely inappropriate to other children. Minor things like, “I really want to kill you, Bob!” “Come here Moe! I’m going to kill you!” We were told these were only anime, mime and quotes from youtube videos he’d been watching like his favorite “Spongebob Squarepants” and had mentally recorded every single scene and would verbally replay them whenever he’d see something in real life that reminded him of his program. Sidenote: My greatest hatred exists for the creators of youtube videos who take harmless cartoons like Caillou and Peppa Pig make them into demonic scripts along with graphic horror. For a look behind the scenes read: #Elsagate .

This child’s parents had confessed that he’d hack into these programs and watch them for hours even when they thought he was watching something else. He learned how to mask the bad video with a good one. Once while another boy wanted to play with his building blocks, when the school psychologist and district SPED guru tried to intergrate another SPED student into my student’s room, he snapped and tried to pull the boys hair out. On a continual - almost daily basis the general population students were often traumatized. During one particular very bad day, the school had to close down the 5th grade hallway and go into a soft lockdown because of the episode my student was having. The screaming and commotion was completely disruptive to the other classrooms. I would see teachers walk by me and cringe with exhaustive rattled nerves when I had to bring my student into the classroom. Other students from other hallways would be terrorized. And let’s not forget what unknown agony my student was experiencing from all of this.

It must also be noted that there were other very difficult children in the school as well who were being forced to integrate. One was an hispanic child who didn’t speak English very well and also had some challenging learning disabilities. The Hispanic told me in Spanish that the “White Kids” think I’m stupid, but I’m not. Don’t worry I have a surprise for them.” The other in particular loved to bite and bite hard other students and teachers. Finally, I must mention the runner and kick boxer who loved UFC fighting an sadly also had a tragic background. This child sent me to the hospital when I was trying to subdue him. They thought I had fractured my orbital bone, but fortunately a bad black swollen eye is all I got out of it. The reason the runner bolted and tore up the classroom was he was told he had to take a computerized test (standardized test) that would take 2 hours.

I hated both to what this did to the other students as well as the my student. The integration program is absolutely wrong. I have visited my daughter’s school and the same thing is in place. I spend time in her school volunteering and I see exactly what is going on. When my daughter comes home from school she mentions 2 students by name and is very upset by the behavior. Comments like, “Dad, Suzy jumped on top of the tables today and started screaming.” etc. One day when I was there volunteering, I witnessed 2 SPED teachers trying to take a 7 year old girl out of a classroom screaming and kicking one of the teachers. The other students were very emotionally upset and alarmed. This is not right for the general education students and it is not right for the amount of stress that it causes the SPED children. This insanity won’t stop because the money behind it. Liberal educators who believe in the perfect world are pushing on one end to make all kids learn the same and meanwhile conservative businessmen and government officials are pushing on the other end to fund multimillion dollar SPED programs that are useless. Also included in this equation are the exhausted drained parents who need help. They work a 50 hour week to pay the bills and need for their child to be in a safe learning environment. They know the public school system is broken, and they don’t have the money to pay for a private care facility for their child.

3. Common Core, Standardized Testing and (Marxist) Trust Based Relational Intervention. Soon coming HR5 Equality Act whereby the school can determine your child's sexual orientation

AGENDA 21 2030

Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational initiative from 2010 that details what K–12 students throughout the United States, etc... A closer look into the benign standard meaning of Common Core needs to be examined.

Quote from “Petition Congress against Common Core: “Common Core is based upon social justice, arriving at knowledge and subsequent decision making through a spirit of collectivism and developing a communal agreement about the need to teach and to integrate into each classroom an underlying theme of sustainable development. These goals are not just going to be taught in specific Environmental Science courses, but these philosophies are to be implemented and taught in EACH and EVERY course that a child takes during their educational experiences beginning with pre-K and stretching to post graduate secondary education.

For the more aware of the readers, you surely recognize the terms, sustainable development, social justice and collectivism as staples of the philosophy which underlies Agenda 21.

Globalist and Eugenics proponent, Bill Gates, is one of the Founding Fathers of the Common Core movement.

COMMON CORE comparison to Nazi Standards and Marxism

Even if you do a minimal amount of research into common core you’ll find it has extremely evil origins. Basically, common core is the dumbing down and systematic harnessing of our children into mindless robots. The other major goal is to take parents out of their child’s education. Why? We can teach your children basic math far better than you’re able. Please see where I had to study for at least half an hour to learn terminology to help my daughter do her kindergarten homework. If this sounds like I’m a conspiracy theorist, please do your own research into why the leading Mathematician in the United States although listed as the lead math consultant on Common Core Math was not even consulted. He also does not even agree with the procedures. I have personally spoken to several Engineers who tell me they teach their children in their own methods and would never teach them common core. I have personally helped my daughter with her kindergarten math homework and after researching terminology for nearly an hour told her to stop doing what the pictures were teaching and count the way I showed her. Here is a brief sample of a 3rd and 5th grade common core math problem. See the absurdity for yourself.

#stopcommoncore .

Here is a 1st grade math homework question from my daughter's math himework: Quote: " Do you understand? Show me! How would you make 10 to find the sum of 9+4?" I obviously taught her not to bother with this silly insanity.

The English and Language Arts are just as insane. Please do your own research. Also on a side note: Although I fully support showing all ethnicities and color, I have also grown very suspicious of the subjects used in the common core pages. All subjects are black, hispanic, and other ethnic minorities. There are a few of white females, but the only caucasian boy is orange hair and dark toned skin. Are forcing our children to see white privilege and for them to hate their skin color and ethnicity?

Standardized Testing. If there could ever be a program termed as pure evil in our school system it would be Standardized Testing. Although I wasn’t allowed to personally see test questions of the standardized tests my students were taking I have seen samples and will include some links here. I have studied and tested all my life through University and rigors testing programs in the U.S. Navy and to obtain my teaching license, I was appalled by the ridiculous sample questions our children are required to take. How could my daughter, an A student who reads at a rated school level 3rd grade score in the lower percentile on her standardized test? How could children as young as 5 years old be forced to take exams for hours over days? Even the liberal Huffington Post posted an article where the actual author of a Poem used in the STAR Exam could not answer the question to his own Poem.


This one should really make your day. For a 2nd Grader who has only a few minutes to answer this question with hours more of more questions over 60 in Language Reading Comprehension alone.

Question: Read the next two stories. Think about how these stories are the same and how they

are different.

The student reads two long stories each comprised of over 120 words each.

Story 1: The Drum — A Tale from India

1 Long ago in India, a boy named Sonu and his mother were

walking home from the market. Along the way, Mother stopped

and picked up a stick. “Here is a fine stick, Sonu,” she said. “I’m

sorry it is not a drum. I know that you have been wishing for


2 “Thank you, Mother,” said Sonu, taking the long piece of wood.

He knew that she would buy him a drum if she had the money.

3 Soon they met a woman who was trying to start a fire. Her fire

would not light. “Here,” said Sonu, handing her his stick. The

woman used the stick to start the fire. Then she gave Sonu a chapati, a round, flat bread.

4 Next Sonu and his mother met a man and a little girl. The girl was hungry, so Sonu gave her

his bread. “Here, take this drum,” said the man. “Someone gave it to my daughter, but she

doesn’t need it.”


Story 2: The Blue Feather — A Tale from Brazil

1 Mia lived by the great Amazon River. One day her mother gave her a pretty blue feather.

2 Mia wanted to show the feather to her friend Nali. She put the feather

in her basket and told her mother where she was going. Nali lived

nearby in a hut by the river.

3 Walking on the path along the river, Mia saw a red flower. As she bent

to pick up the flower, the wind blew the blue feather up into the air!

Mia could not catch the feather. She sighed and put the red flower in

her basket.

4 Then a yellow butterfly flew in front of Mia. Running to catch the

butterfly, Mia dropped her basket. The red flower fell out, and the

wind carried it out onto the river.

5 Mia sighed and picked up her basket. Looking up, Mia saw the yellow butterfly land on a

branch where there was a bluebird. The bluebird flew away, dropping one of its beautiful

blue feathers near Mia’s feet!

6 Happily, Mia picked up the feather and hurried to her friend’s house.

At the end Here are the Answer choices:

These stories happen

A on hot days.

B in different countries.

C beside big rivers.

D in dark forests.

How much is too much. National Public Radio has interviewed educators and the results are sickening: Please read how testing and preparation takes nearly half of the school year and the failure rates are off the chart.

What’s the purpose behind this testing. Simple. Corporations want the government to prove educators are unable to pass testing. Therefore after a school has several years of failing test scores, the private companies take over the education process and are paid massive sums of money from the government. It is a massive warehousing project that matches the prison system in the United States.

4. Trust Based Relational Intervention

I am writing this based on extensive education and experience including living and working in a Communist Country for over 6 years. I am a licensed High School Teacher. I am shocked to see similar programs now operating in America that are common place in Communist countries.

My daughter brought home this letter announcing her school was now fully participating in TBRI. And my child was in the program without my consent. Of course most parents never read the letter here. Attached.


Trust Based Relational Intervention TBRI created by the federal government by private backed warehousing corporations - staffed with probably unemployable psychiatrists - was originally designed for Foster Care Providers. But now your Public Schools are employing this on your children.

Here is a brief description of TBRI in the program creators own words:

quote: "while guiding the child to appropriate behaviors and responses, and for the child to know that a safe adult will help them regulate until they are able to regain self-regulation. "

On the surface they may seem benign, maybe even helpful or even welcomed. But look carefully parent, wake up and realize what this statement is actually telling us. Which is the state has removed you and replaced you as your child's role model in parenteral moral control.

For a comprehensive study on TBRI here is link:

The last step in the process is to take parents out of the teaching basic morals and social practices for our children. Education has been removed and now teaching your morality has been and currently being removed from the parents. Please read the attached letter I received from my daughter’s school above link School Letter.

Side note regarding:
A recent undercover video captured an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorney instructing California teachers on how to secretly help students obtain contraception and abortion services without parental knowledge or consent.
Not only did the ACLU lawyer state that "young people have the right to leave school and seek confidential medical services without consent or notification of their parents or guardians," but encouraged the falsifying of school attendance records for the sake of these secret appointments.

If you’re too busy to read this and or do not understand what this letter is saying, Please let me translate: “We are now teaching and indoctrinating your child to trust implicitly and completely our adults as in such a manner they will be surrogate parents and eventually replace you mom and dad as your child’s go to point of contact in all matters pertaining their personal lives as well as their issues here at school. By the way, we know your children far better than you since we spend far more time with them on a daily basis.

THE Paradigm

The following links are active working Google Drive Documents of my daughter's homeschool program based on a 12 month cycle. Note: My Daughter is 6 years old, currently enrolled in 1st grade public school with an A average, rated at 3rd grade reading level.

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My name is Andrew Sheets aka Randy Sheets. I'm a retired US naval officer, over 20 years of active service. Navy Commendation Medal 4 awards; Navy Achievement; Navy Expeditionary; Sea Service; National Defense; Navy Unit Citations awards; Foreign Service. Served in Navy Intelligence, Cryptologic Interpreter Spanish Linguist, Commissioned Officer, Supply Corps, 3 years surface and operations serving with and in direct support of forward deployed US Marines and US Navy SEALS including Beirut Lebanon, North Atlantic and South America; 12 years Submarine warfare including numerous cold war patrols and forward deployed special operations; staff Commander Submarine Atlantic Fleet; Naval Sea Systems Command, Fleet Support and Supply. Leadership and Management Training; Consultant Foreign Military Hardware Sales direct with Colombian military; interpreter and contract specialist; Corporate Military Consultant Firm; 17 years teaching experience including private tutor and teacher of Spanish and English of a Second Language; employed as curriculum developer in Language Academy in Vietnam as the head ESL teacher, Certified English Teacher over 6 years in Vietnam both in private language centers and in government approved home study and tutor. ESL teacher in the United States including California, and Texas. 2 years Licensed Teacher High School Spanish, Indiana Public Schools, USA. Education/Qualifications: BA Economics; Defense Language Institute; Officer Candidate School; Navy Supply Corps School; Financial Management; Logistics Management; Leadership and Management; Amphibious Assault Training; Submarine Officer Warfare Basic Course; English as a Second Language Certificate; Troops to Teachers Program; Pedagogy Certificate; Certified Teaching License; I’ve traveled, studied, worked and lived all over the world starting with trips to the Middle East and Europe at age 16. After graduating from High School I traveled extensively throughout Germany and worked as an artist apprentice and newspaper printing in Berlin Germany. I lived in Puerto Rico for 4 years while assigned in the Navy. I’m fully bilingual. In 2008 I lived in Vietnam as an ESL teacher for over 6 years. Traveling around Asia. Currently retired to devote time in raising my child and teach her in a homeschool environment. My personal testimony can be summed up as the perfect example of God’s amazing grace where I was once a wretched sinner,deserving hell, living a life of working hard and playing even harder, of alcoholism and debauchery, stopped drinking on December 5, 2001 and fully committed my life to Jesus Christ to walk worthy of my calling and salvation. I thought I’d continue working in the defense department establishment but God called me into education and I gained or found a passion for teaching and learning.


Every single parent and child out there in the world of education and learning want to succeed. Every single human being is learning something whether for good or bad, they’re learning and teaching something.

REMEMBER: God loves and cares for your children and has appointed you as their parent to teach and lead them in the way they should go. Do not let the government convince you as a parent that you're too stupid to educate your children, especially their moral beliefs.

My hope and prayer to is help in any way I can to teach and learn more that all mankind is in a terrible need of a savior, there is not one righteous person on this earth and we all deserve eternal damnation. It is only through the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, of repenting of our sins, accepting Jesus as our savior, are we saved from eternal damnation.


Once our spiritual life is lined up with the word of God, the Bible King James Bible, and not the new perverted Vatican approved versions, can we truly learn and improve our minds in knowledge, guided by the Holy Spirit. To read details of my testimony please read:

What can you do as a busy parent who is unable to homeschool or pay for private tutoring. Simple but effective: Get more involved in their education. Go volunteer a day or two. Attend parent teacher conferences and PTA meetings. Help with homework. If you don't understand. learn with them and you will be surprised by how much you know and can help. Today there's no excuse notvto be able to learn something. I recently repaired my garage door by a youtube video.

For those with ears to hear and eyes to see, God bless you and your family abundantly. Amen! Maranatha!


  1. Well written. We have become a zombie nation. It's very interesting that the first President Bush introduced the words "New World Order". Then the 2nd President Bush forced "no child left behind". Aka common core.
    The most frightening and disturbing aspect of this story, folks are totally blind and or indifferent.
    The proven fruit of the liberal utopia of social justice and total indoctrination upon our children is now prevalent in society.
    Good example ANTIFA, Black lives matter and on. The total breakdown and anarchy we now see in our Country.
    Folks falling for the us vs them. Whose ever is controlling the education system is part of the Lucifian NWO beast system.
    The seeds have long been planted. The tinderbox ready. Buckle up we're about ready to reap the whirlwind.
    This is exactly what we were warned about in the Bible. We as individuals and a Nation has turned its back on Jesus.
    The wickedness that has long been forced upon our children called the education system is about to bear its ungodly fruit.
    Look up Judgment is coming

  2. You don't need any further convincing from me. Outlawing God, the Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas are just symptoms of a much bigger problem. When my daughter told me she dropped out at 15, I sat her down with a legal pad and pen for 2 weeks until she was dizzy, using what I had committed to memory; so she could get her GED. I remember pleading with her to go back and get her diploma, but her succinct response was, "Honestly, I'd rather not. It's all just a big waste of time. With the cool kids, the jocks, the cliques; the worst thing is that any real effort is frowned upon." Sound familiar? I even noticed I was able to learn more after school, away from school. Seemed the more distance in miles, the better I felt. I thought it was a big waste of time, too. I played their game, even experiencing a kind of local pride with my 98, 99 percentile; until I realized what they were doing. I spent more time in the Principal's office than anyone, and I'm pretty sure a few of my "teachers" daydreamed about accidentally running over me in the parking lot. We're in a spiritual battle. For thousands of years, Satan has had one goal: to destroy God's Kingdom here on Earth. It's not a building or corporation. When you look at your kids, or in the mirror, you're looking at it. What we see, with the privatization of prisons, is the same thing. The irony is, it started in the schools first, we just didn't notice. The more distance you can put between your family and an organization headed by Satan himself the better, but you don't need any convincing from me.

    1. Amen! Amazing Testimony. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  3. Since my last comment, we have continued faster and further down the rabbit hole. Into a total breakdown of society. We indeed have Socialist zombies walking around .


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