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EXPOSING The manifold HYPOCRISY of John MacArthur

 AntiVaxers VS Vaxers We see 2 camps among Christians. The John MacArthur group that stands against government tyranny and the NO FEAR of his strongly  IMPLIED: no Mask no Vax camp.   I see the other camp of compliance with Romans 13 KJV - God giving us Government and we are under that authority for lawful purpose who believe that taking proper precautions against COVID 19 is in fact a responsibility of government and our compliance with these laws and more importantly there is no violation of scripture in particular Acts 5:29 KJV. To demonstrate in some dramatic visceral way I invite the reader to compare 2 pastors and their thoughts on COVID: John MacArthur and Robert Jeffress... see full commentary below. I've also added a small Baptist pastor who was a NO VAXER and after a stint in ICU with COVID is now a full believer and promoter of the VAX. DISCLAIMER: I do not subscribe to or follow Robert Jeffers or John MacArthur. Both of the MEGA Pastors are 501C3 brick and mortar CEOs l

SR Monette YouTube False Teaching Alert

Image SR MONETTE false teacher ALERT! Please wake up people. SR MONETTE Is trying to teach that the COVID-19 VACCINE PASSPORT is the Mark of the Beast. And that Christians will go through the Tribulation. This is a lie from Hell. See notes below on why Pretribulation Rapture is Biblical and what is the Mark of The Beast. Here are my comments to SR MONETTE: This is definitely part of the system setting up the mark of the beast... However to claim this green passport IS the mark of the beast is misguided, untruthful, not biblical, and irresponsible...  You're not even close to what the Bible teaches as to what the real mark of Beast is..  You're thoroughly reckless and misguided teaching of Revelation especially teaching there is no Pretribulation Rapture is  wrong and sadly you are both a false teacher and in violation of serious biblical consequences. I will document your false teaching to warn others. Time to UNSUB your channel and move on. Shame on you

Reproving Rapture Saint Eric Low YOUTUBER

Rapture Saint In the spirit of Love I strongly disagree. Brother in Christ Eric at first appeared to be a solid Bible based believer in the Gospel and Eternal Security and the PreTribulation Rapture.  He appeared to be a blessed Watchman with a passion to save souls and equip and encourage the Saints. Updated alert I've notified Eric that I'd no longer follow - subscribe to his channel because of his continued insisting that the Tribulation is 3.5 years, that Daniel 9:27 is referring to Jesus Christ and insisting that Romans 10:9 - calling on the name of Jesus is required for Salvation in addition to believing ; i.e., adding to 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV (the gospel)...He has somehow sadly joined the ranks of do many errant teachers that in a subtle most crafty way add works onto Salvation.  There are however NON ESSENTIAL DOCTRINAL disagreements we Christians have amongst each other from time to time as we are all looking through a glass darkly as Paul speaks of in  1 Corinthian

9 -11 Romans 9 - 11 Written to the JEWISH REMNANT and Gentiles saved during Tribulation

Written on 911 2021 on the 20th anniversary of 911.  This is about SALVATION. The end is near, very near. Find Jesus Christ now as your savior IF you're not saved. See Salvation in NOTES below. I was awakened in the early morning hours on this day. The Holy Spirit placed this on my heart to share with a Brother in Christ and to share for you reading this Blog. For too long I've stood by and watched low informed Christians attempt to harmonize the Gospel with other scripture that is NOT in this dispensation. To wit my major problem with this ABC SALVATION PLAN. Please read my email to my brother in Christ.  My dear Brother in Christ. I send you love and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My prayers are with you and your precious family. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. Thank you for your diligence and perseverance in equipping and encouraging the Saint, and preaching the Gospel. The Holy Spirit has placed this on my heart to ask you this question: "How can