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Game Changer update #ccot #Raptulre Watch

Don't put your faith in politics to save America. #ccot End is here. #Rapture Watch

By Tom Gaston I put NO TRUST in any politician, neither Hillary, nor Trump.   This country is NOT going be saved from calamity no matter who is in power. America has reached the END of her rope politically, spiritually, morally...etc., and God is getting ready to judge her.  Therefore the Rapture of the Church is surely imminent as it is the next prophetic event on God's calendar.  The Church will not be here to see the "total collapse and destruction" of America nor the world as this would be "out of order" with God's word. This whole 2016 political presidential campaign is "rigged" and controlled by the powerful elite and the corrupt National Media which they also control.  Washington is corrupt and totally controlled by evil men who are "satan's servants."  And the American peoples vote will NEVER override nor "remove" this "evil power structure" which controls this country and


#Israel peace agreement June 2016. The Truth. #ccot End is here

By Tom Gaston Tom G. Israel wanting to make peace with all of her neighbors First of all this is suppose to happen according to Scripture. And secondly, the "covenant with death" which is mentioned in Dan. 9:27 and Is. 28:14,15 will not be "confirmed" by the antichrist until the Rapture has taken place and the Church is removed from the earthly scene. The Rapture of the Church is "God's tool or instrument" which will cause and move Israel to make this "false covenant with death" as the world will become even more dangerous and unstable at that time.  When the Rapture of the Church takes place the United States is going sink into total chaos, panic, confusion which will begin to "unravel " and disintegrate America as a "super power" very quickly, for the Rapture is going to disrupt and affect this country ( and the world ) in the most crippling way (economically, politically, and mil