Don't put your faith in politics to save America. #ccot End is here. #Rapture Watch

By Tom Gaston

I put NO TRUST in any politician, neither Hillary, nor Trump.   This country is NOT going be saved from calamity no matter who is in power. America has reached the END of her rope politically, spiritually, morally...etc., and God is getting ready to judge her.  Therefore the Rapture of the Church is surely imminent as it is the next prophetic event on God's calendar.  The Church will not be here to see the "total collapse and destruction" of America nor the world as this would be "out of order" with God's word.

This whole 2016 political presidential campaign is "rigged" and controlled by the powerful elite and the corrupt National Media which they also control.  Washington is corrupt and totally controlled by evil men who are "satan's servants."  And the American peoples vote will NEVER override nor "remove" this "evil power structure" which controls this country and the world.  Trump is NOT the "savior" of America, and he certainly is NOT a Christian.  And most importantly he certainly isn't going to be able to "eliminate" those who control Washington and our political system here in America at the Federal level.  Anyone who believes otherwise is "mentally deficient."

All the prayers of the Christian community which has gone up before the Lord for "decades" has obviously NOT changed the course of America.  Why?  Well, it is obvious that God has "His own plans" for this country and that He is NOT answering the prayers of many Christians who are praying for God to "to turn America around" because their prayers are not according to "God's  will", but according to "their own will."  For If their prayers which they are offering up were according to God's will, then God would have by how changed the course of this country a long time ago due to all the faithful Christians prayers which have gone up before the Lord for the purpose of doing so.

God is obviously allowing the decline of America to happen according to "His will" or it wouldn't be happening. And sadly many Christians cannot accept this because "they want to be in control" due to the fact that they don't understand that God is "sovereign" over all the affairs of this world and mankind.  He alone sets the boundaries and borders of countries, and He alone establishes them, and then He destroys and removes them as He chooses.  This is what Scripture teaches ( Dan. 2:20,21;  Job 12:13-25 ).

The false and corrupt doctrine of "kingdom now dominionist theology" has poisoned and permeated the minds of the vast majority of Christians in the evangelical world here in America, and also the religious community at large in other countries. This false doctrine teaches that the "Church" is responsible for "rebuilding the world" and steering the course of "human history" based upon "their involvement" in the affairs of human government .....etc...etc....( Religious political activism in society ).

Now the reason why so many Christians are caught up in this false teaching today is because they don't have any solid "foundational teaching" in God's prophetic word ( Eschatology ).  And when Christians don't have a solid and accurate understanding of God's prophetic program ( pretribulation Rapture teaching...etc..etc.), then they will always "turn inward" and look toward trying to change the "government system" by installing Christians into government positions in order to try and change the system. This approach will always fail because the political system in this country and countries abroad are all corrupt and totally controlled by powerful evil men who "rule the world" presently.

The whole reason for God's judgments during the tribulation period is for the purpose of removing satan and his servants from this world system which they control, and thus establishing and setting up His kingdom and His rule and authority within the earth at the time of His second advent to the earth. 

These "Kingdom now" people think that if the Christian community gets more politically active and involved in "human government", and thereby get more "Christians" installed into the political system in order to "control the government", then they will be able to change society and the world. They think that God has commissioned and has given them the responsibility for establishing "God's kindgom" within the earth.  Such foolish and unscriptural teaching!

If God was going to use His "Church" to establish His kingdom within the earth, then why in the world did God give the Apostle John the "book of Revelation"????   Huh!!!!!   There would be no need for Christ's 21 judgments in the book of Revelation to be poured out upon the world if the Church was going to be the "agent and instrument" by which God was going to establish His kingdom within the earth. Therefore it is clear that these 21 judgments which Christ Himself will unleash upon this wicked world following the Rapture of the Church is what is going to evict evil from this world, and thus allow Christ to establish His Kingdom within the earth when He returns.

The "kingdom now dominionist" have an important missing "component" in their theology, and that is the teaching of the Rapture of the church which is the "blessed hope and appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.  AMEN.

From Louis A. Romo - -Former USAF Security Service S/SGT
Intelligence analyst 1954-1964. Team member monitoring U-2 over-flights of Soviet Union, Including May 1st Gary Powers 1960.
Team member ERU-1(emergency reaction unit #1 proving highest political and military officials intelligence needed to have resolved Cuban Missile Crisis

ISIS to Launch a Tet Offensive Against 50 American Cities

In your article Denise Simon reported Christmas time would be a high time for attacks.   Doug Hagmann’s source  reported ·  Multiple terror attacks this year will likely take place. The attacks will resemble what I called the TET Offensive. I feel the major time frame  for Tet offense will be July 23rd (17th  of Tammuz Hebrew Calendar) through August 14 which is the 9th of AV.  Republican convention is July 18-21st. Democratic coronation party will be July 25-28. - - -within the three weeks of Jewish mourning leading up to 9 AV.  9 AV is day both 1st and 2nd temple were destroyed and a host of other calamitous events occurred to Jewish people throughout History.

Orlando murderer did not, in my opinion, just decide to go kill because he saw two gays kissing.  The 12th of June was one of Holiest feast days for both Christianity and Judaism.  It was the true day of PENTECOST, when the Christian church was born. It was the day God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. - -Many other biblical evens also happened on the 6th day of Sivan.  It was the Catholic Church that cancelled the celebrations of Early Christianity to be observed on the Hebrew Calendar. The church then changed the feasts to Roman god days to incorporate millions of pagans from Northern Europe invading the Roman Empire and hide Christianity’s Jewish background and History.God moves on Hebrew calendar not the catholic pagan calendar.
There are two places Orlando killer could have gotten his marching orders as to when to attack. The first would be Saudi Arabia where he visited twice, most likely to get military training.  Sadly, I consider the second location of his “handlers” more  likely. - - -Washington D. C. from traitors and countless radical Moslems on Obama’s  payroll - -placed in the most sensitive intelligence and decision making positions. High level Islamic religious leaders well versed in both Jewish and Christian feasts and used them in past to attack.
Today The U.S. Military is in similar position as the British were basing their defense of Singapore on obsolete strategy in WWII.  British planning had positioned their 15” and 19”cannons on fixed mounts facing the sea at Singapore harbor.   The Japanese Army Came in from behind and captured the defenders.  Until the end of battle, the British shore batteries of 15" and 19" guns pointed southward, waiting for the naval assault expected that  never came. Our military keeps looking oversees for radical leaders –they are HERE.
George Soros is definitely going to start trouble at Republican convention; however, he and his minions know that if they go too far, the American people will be angered and galvanized - -even to point of demanding Obama and Hillary impeachments.
I truly believe Hillary has exhausted her value to the world bankers and communism.  If anyone is to be assassinated, I believe Obama and world bankers would terminate Hillary BEFORE Trump to make her the MARTYR. The blame would be placed on a lone crazy Christian, white supremacist, Islamophobic, ect, ect..
I am sure the CIA black ops center has groomed crazies raised from school years to adult hood and military training, from all backgrounds for all situations as needed.
Killing of Hillary will certainly bring martial law by whatever nice name they give it.  Obama would then be free to continue his quest to be first world president with blessings of Pope and international bankers.  – As a side note - In the Bible there is ten day period in which  persecution of all followers of Jesus will occur. It is possible the total persecution will occur ten days before the rapture – that is speculation on my part- just as it is also conjecture that planet X/Niburu is involved in all that horrible three weeks.
All these possibilities are based on beliefs of many orthodox Rabbis and Christian scholars that Jesus would come back in the year after the Shmita. That year ends on evening of October 2, 2016  as Rosh Hashanah is ushered in.


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