#Israel peace agreement June 2016. The Truth. #ccot End is here

By Tom Gaston

Tom G.

Israel wanting to make peace with all of her neighbors

First of all this is suppose to happen according to Scripture. And secondly, the "covenant with death" which is mentioned in Dan. 9:27 and Is. 28:14,15 will not be "confirmed" by the antichrist until the Rapture has taken place and the Church is removed from the earthly scene. The Rapture of the Church is "God's tool or instrument" which will cause and move Israel to make this "false covenant with death" as the world will become even more dangerous and unstable at that time. 

When the Rapture of the Church takes place the United States is going sink into total chaos, panic, confusion which will begin to "unravel " and disintegrate America as a "super power" very quickly, for the Rapture is going to disrupt and affect this country ( and the world ) in the most crippling way (economically, politically, and militarily ).  The world's "Stock Markets" are going to CRASH, and America will become "impotent" due to this global crisis which the Rapture of the Church has caused, and therefore she will thus become totally incapable of continuing to be the "world's policeman" as she has been for so long.  This is why Israel will have to "make this covenant with death" with her "enemies" in order to gain "security." 

The middle east region is already a "hot bed" of hostility, instability, and terror!  Can you imagine the "fear" which Israel and the world will be experiencing when the Rapture of the Church takes place, and "America" then will no longer be capable, nor in the position to protect Israel anymore.  Her role as a "global policeman" will have ceased!  This is why Israel will be "forced" to make this "covenant with death" with her enemies which surround her. She will have "no other option", nor any other choice but to make "concessions" with her enemies.  This is why she will make this agreement with "death and sheol" ( Is. 28:15 ), and this is why "God's land" is going to be divided up ( Dan. 11:39;   Joel 3:2 ).  

In conclusion here, the antichrist cannot be revealed nor confirm this "covenant with death" ( Dan. 9:27;  Is. 28:14,15 )  until the "restrainer" ( The Holy Spirit...."He who now restrains - 2Thess. 2:7 ) is removed along with the Church which He indwells.  And so what is really stunning and intriguing here is that this announcement which Israel's Ambassador to Moscow Zvi Heifetz has made comes right on the "heels of Pentcost" which is coming up on June 11th / 12th.

Therefore this "all of a sudden" announcement which has been made by Israel's ambassador to Moscow concerning Israel wanting to make "Peace with all of her neighbors" could very well be "THE SIGN" that God is getting ready to "remove" the Church, the "body of Christ",  and thus begin His prophetic program of "national redemption" and restortation for His people Israel who will enter the tribulation period AFTER the Church has already been removed.  

1Cor. 15:23,24......."But each in his own order:  Christ the "first fruits" ( The resurrection of Christ ),..... AFTER THAT those who are Christ's at His coming ( The resurrection - Rapture of the Church at the end of the 49th Omer / 50th day Pentecost ),..THEN COMES THE END...( The judgments of the tribulation period / the Wheat harvest ( begins at Pentecost ) - separation of the "wheat from the tares" ).

In this Scripture of 1Cor. 15:23,24 above we have a clear, concise, and unmistakable understanding of the "order of God's prophetic events" which will unfold in this exact sequence!

Surely the Rapture of the Church most definitely is getting ready to happen!

Until He comes!
In Christ, Tom Gaston

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Zvi Heifetz stated that Israel is ready to sign peace treaties with all neighbors, including Palestine.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160601/1040626159/israel-palestine-peace.html#ixzz4AVwtZJvG
as been made by the Israeli ambassador to Russia is being considered right on the "heels of Pentecost."


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