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A Powerful Truth: Understanding Who are the Nicolaitans of today

Who are the Nicolaitans A powerful truth written by someone clearly understanding the siege of false teachers and the use of Religion to keep man from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please note here that the Bible clearly tells us that God Hates these who do this to the church which is the body of Christ and NOT some building and institution with the traditions of man. Who Are the Nicolaitans Posted on  7 Jun 2012 by  Truth in Reality    J. H. Allen   Truth in Reality Blog A mysterious group of wicked religious imposters were the “Nicolaitans.”  Who were they?  What did they teach?  Do they still exist today?  Why should they even concern you?  In the warnings to the seven churches of Revelation, we are told to beware of them. Why are they dangerous and how would you recognize them, today? In Revelation, chapter 2, we read of an enigmatic sect or group called the Nicolaitans who post a great threat to the churches of God.  Jesus says to the Ephesus church: 

Reproving The Truth Shall Make you Free Video Ministries on defending Bryan Denlinger

REPROVING THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE VIDEO that defends Bryan Denlinger VIDEO LINK T hank you. Please know that I used to follow Bryan Denlinger's teaching (mostly retreaded Ruckman (who believes life does not begin at conception among many heresies) and believe me 90% of what Denlinger puts out there is 100% solid Biblical Truth. And that's the problem and what makes the perfect wolf and false teacher... Please see my 50 year testimony on attending church and why I no longer go to church and how today's churches are building the kingdom of the antichrist. I really like Denlinger's solid KJV studies, supporting why church buildings are pagan etc. which is what led to me Denlinger's club house.... Also his PreTrib Rapture studies, his Dispensation teaching, and most of his Godhead teaching... HOWEVER.