Calling out Bryan Denlinger as a Racial Bigot masked behind the Bible

Bryan Denlinger I ask you to answer me and post your answer here on youtube…
After watching this video I was shocked to see you not only butcher scripture when I had previously thought you to be a good Bible teacher and student, but to come out with a spirit of hatred and racial bigotry masked behind the Bible.  This is a KKK tactic. You and your adherents to racial bigotry should research the true KKK origins. So, I did some research
I addressed you previously on how 1 Corinthians 10:8 - Numbers 25 - Palms 106 - Revelation 17 link Sexual Immorality and Idol Worship are always closely linked. To say that a legally married couple of different ethnicities is sexual immorality makes you not only a false teacher but guilty of racial bigotry…

I Rebuke you Bryan Denlinger you filthy liar and hetetic. The Book of Ruth stands against you as an eternal witness and testament against the lies you speak. Ruth was a Moabite, she married Boaz an Israelite from Bethlehem the birthplace and very lineage of Jesus Christ.

Repent Denlinger. Here's a good comment on 1 Corinthians 10:8:
Paul’s hortatory subjunctive (mede porneuomen) makes his concern clear. The
Corinthians must not commit sexual immorality. Idolatry and sexual
immorality were linked in second Temple Judaism and probably in the
practices of the Corinthian idol cults. The message is clear, the Corinthians’
participation in the idol feasts risked involvement in cultic sexual immorality
and punishment by God.” End Quote.
your surname DENLINGER was of the locational group of surname meaning 'one who came from DELLING (cove) the name of two places in Germany. Daniel DENLINGER was born in Strasburg township, Lancashire, Pennysylvania on May 21st 1817, and died July 19th 1886. He was a son of elder Jacob and Mary (Kreider) DENLINGER whose father was a miller and an elder in the Strasburg Mennonite church. If you trace your lineage you will find that a true German would not be very pleased with your intermingled stock. But that would make you a hypocrite wouldn't it Bryan.
Denlinger background: A number of these are Jewish. Patronymic surnames are derived from vernacular Germanic given names, often honouring Christian saints???
Here are disturbing quotes I found about you saying that a people are not saved if they marry someone of a different ethnicity. I this true Bryan?  Let's begin with this one:
“Besides, Jesus, himself had many gentiles in his genealogy. Denlinger, forgets that his god's lineage was speckled with gentile women - Tamar (a Canaanite), Rahab (also a Canaanite) and Ruth (a Moabite). Denlinger's god does not meet his standards and if Denlinger's anti-miscegenation were enforced, there would not be no Jesus nor a precious KJV bible idol to worship and slap thump around. There is also the account of Moses who married Sephora, an Ethiopian. When Moses' brother and sister (Aaron and Miriam) spoke against Moses because of his interracial marriage, god cast upon leprosy upon Miriam.[note 1] Denlinger contends that god could not punish Moses because for his sin because Aaron and Miriam would try and take away Moses' authority, while claiming that Moses' wife nagged him which caused Moses to strike the rock twice which made god angry - yes, this is nowhere in the old testament but this is the Denlinger narrative which is brewed on the spot to fit his own racist agenda.
Denlinger is a proponent of government enforced anti-miscegenation laws and favors kindred marriages. He equates those in interracial marriage to that of “pervert sodomites” and describes proponents of interracial marriage as liberals, communists and Satanists. According to the gospel of Denlinger “interracial marriage is not of god” and it is a method which the antiChrist (who according to him is the pope) will bring in his kingdom. He teaches that people need to be kept within the bounds of their racial habitation.[96] Denlinger, went on to deny associating those engaged in interracial marriage to sodomites and perverts[97], demonstrating that either a lying spirit has possessed him (father Satan?)...
If Denlinger requires that everyone move back to their habitations, perhaps the hypocrite would serve his cause better by moving back to the land of his own habitation. Being a Hun, one has to wonder where that might be? Hunistan? Hunlund? Hunland? Perhaps Germany might suffice until a more suitable habitation could be found perhaps in the Caucasus or somewhere on the Steppes. However, with certainty, one can state that the land of habitation is definitely not in the Americas. Lest any forget, the first rule of Denlingerism is that the rules do not apply to the cult leader; so while it appears most appropriate to call Denlinger a hypocritical pharisee, a viper or a whitened sepulchre, Denlinger considers himself immune to that rule. However, since he is of a highly sensitive personality…”
Denlinger considers interracial marriage and integration of the races as being one of the gravest sins, which has brought on the end times, and brought on the wrath of God.[7] In his sermon Does God love Sinners? Denlinger posits that God hated Esau for his interracial marriages to two Hittite women, whom he claims are descendants of Ham and therefore black, thus forfeiting his birthright.[50] Perhaps, Denlinger should have picked up a book on the Hittite civilization, which ranged from what is today Northern Lebanon, through to Syria and Turkey. ...The Hittites were a people living just south of the Caucasian mountains from which the word "Caucasian" is derived. ..” end quote.
Answer these questions Bryan… If you're too embarrassed to answer here on YouTube,  send me an email.


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