Warning to you Sunday School Parents...Your Local Public School Curriculum will be in your Church Building teaching your Child Religion

Warning to you Sunday School Parents...Your Local Public School Curriculum will be in your Church Building  teaching your Child Religion

Last year I sat in the Library of my daughter's public school listening to the Superintendent  of the School District give his "state of the District" presentation.

As I sat listening to him going over all his power point slides I kept asking myself this question.

Why am I here listening to this?

Then the answer came to me quite clearly when the Superintendent proudly announced that the new initiate approved by the state would soon allow the Public Schools to write the curriculum and lesson plans for all local church Sunday school programs to bring in professional level teaching and learning objectives into the Sunday School classrooms.  Subject: Religion as taught by Professional Educators.

If you read this and do not see a problem with this, you seriously need to pray and ask God to show you the truth.
Another reason not to be in a Church Building...  Amen!



  1. I just watched one of his You Tube videos from October, 2016. Not only does he ATTACK the Illuminati, he also harangues the Pope for saying that "You just have to be good to enter heaven."
    He also revealed how CERN, the EU, Switzerland, Germany, et al are now embracing more and more the Babylonian Religious System.
    AND, Amir Tsarfati said that "If I always looked at what was happening in Europe, I would be depressed. But WE [Christians] look UP! Because the Lord Jesus is returning SOON!"
    It appears, therefore, that your rebuking was based on too little information.

  2. Glad you said "it appears" . Sadly you've fallen into a trap of taking a liar at face value. False teachers love people like you unknown. Please go research the tactics of BITE cult practices to see that wolves like Amir Tsarfati always appear as the good guy. Answer my questions I ask Amir and I will be more than happy to discuss this further. Also please stop using unknown. Why would you hide? Who are you?


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