The True meaning of Randy; A lesson for all the arrogant Brits and their colonists

After repeated verbal abuse from our misinformed friends across the pond I had come to falsely believe my birth name Randy was vulgar meaning sexually promiscuous, rash crude.
Let's visit my hardcover Oxford English dictionary to see the original meaning of the word.
On page 2413, The original rond. rann  rand meaning sense of the word is SHIELD.  
The Oxford Dictionary tracks the word over time  through informal slang in context to show the original digression to be deliberately vague and approximate by the added Y.  The  root meaning however remains "A shield. "
In 1698 The Word Randy made its negative connotation debut  of a rude aggressive manner and by connotations the slang took off from there.
Time and Moronic Cretans have corrupted the original meaning of my name.  The question is why?


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