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The Reason you want to go underground. End Times Here Now. Planet X, Wormwood, Niburu. Mankind will hide underground.

Why are you preoccupied with an underground bunker complex? If this is you, the Bible says in the last days, during the Tribulation period, after the True Christians have been removed in the Rapture, you will do this because you're escaping God's Wrath.  The Bible also details the terrible things that will come upon the earth including Wormwood which I "personally " Not Biblically Believe is  most likely known today as Planet X and Niburu. I've been following the news both mainstream and any social or alternative media I can find that discusses Planet X, aka Niburu aka the biblical account of Wormwood. On any given day there are no less than a dozen new articles that pertain to this subject. Here're some very good sober unbiased looks at the Subject: THE COMING POLE SHIFT BIBLICAL APPROACH TO PLANET X FACT: But whatever the outcome of planet X. There will be a Wormwood and mankind will be running underground.  PROPHECY MEN WILL GO UNDERGROU

Watch Russia- Turkey events for End Time Bible Prophecy

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Hate Crime, Bias Crime targeting Christians, it's here now in mainstreaming, bible belt America

Dear Andrew, The Indiana General Assembly is trying to pass a bill in the Senate that violates the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and religious expression. This legislation, SB 418, a so-called "hate crime" or "bias crime" bill would criminalize a Christian for expressing their views on homosexual "marriage", transgenderism, or homosexuality, for example. A court would then be able to interpret a Christian's speech on one of these views as being motivated or perceived out of hate. It would also add an additional penalty for an actual, not perceived, crime. It is only God who can rightly judge the motivations of a person: "For You alone know the hearts of all the sons of men." (1 Kings 8:39). Unfortunately, Senate Bill 418, is going to get a committee hearingtomorrow morning (Tuesday) and possibly a vote.  Take Action Now: Call and tell your senator to vote against Senate Bill 418. A hate crime law is a law that penalizes som

My Personal Testimony of 50 years of attending church; Why Today's churches are building the Kingdom of the Antichrist

My Personal Testimony of 50 years of attending church Why I can surely say that I agree with Dr. Larkin's assessment that Today's churches are building the kingdom of the  Antichrist  (Larkin, Clarence, Ph.D... The Second Coming of Christ . Cosimo Classics, 2005. Pg 51) I pray this Blog stand as a living witness and testimony an eternal MONUMENT to the false church and false teaching in these last days of the church age. Amen. John 2:18-21 KJV Jesus was standing in the midst of the religious leaders at the location of their beloved brick and mortar building.  And proclaimed himself to be the true temple which would be raised in 3 days. The lost, blind Pharisees could only see their building. What do you see? Whom do you see?  What are you looking for? Whom are you looking for? The Pharisees saw the 2nd Temple.  Today the Zionists are seeking the 3rd Temple and the Antichrist.   God's children see Jesus standing as the tru

There comes a time when we must let people go

The following article is by The Institute for Creation> January 20, 2018 Let Them Alone “Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone.” (Hosea 4:17)   The Lord is long-suffering, and those who speak in His name should be also. There do come times, however, when further witness becomes useless or even harmful, or when continued interaction merely invites contamination with ungodliness. In such cases, we must simply leave such people alone, following them with prayer and trusting God alone to deal with them.   Such was the 10-tribe nation of Israel, led by the tribe of Ephraim, just before God sent them into Assyrian captivity. God, through the prophet Hosea, told Judah henceforth to let them alone—they were hopelessly given over to pagan evolutionist idolatry. The words “joined to” in today’s verse mean literally “under the spell of.”   The Lord Jesus used similarly harsh language in reference to the hypocritical Pharisees of His own day: “Let them alone: they be