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Time Has Run Out! Rapture Dream 5 years ago

The number 5 in the Bible means GRACE REDEMPTION (RAPTURE). 5 years ago I had a shocking Rapture dream in the sweltering hot midday sun while on a mission in Vietnam. In this dream I could clearly see a terrified young man in his late 20s running for his life away from something he had just witnessed. He was wearing business attire and I could tell he had been running as hard as he could for some time, arriving to a point outside of the city. I immediately woke up, and literally jumped out of bed,  deeply shaken. I knew immediately I was witnessing what people who were left behind would be experiencing immediately after witnessing the Rapture. At that very instant The Holy Spirit placed a tremendous burden on my heart to make a video of the scene I saw and warn people that the day is coming very soon that this scene will happen for real and the left behind will scream out what will be indelibly seared on their mind, " TIME HAS RUN OUT !" Find Jesus Christ Now as

Jesus said Hell is Real! The Rich Man and Lazarus

Listen to what you need to hear before it's too late. Time Has Run Out! Hell is Real; The Rich Man and Lazarus

UK Has Fallen; Islamization full speed Ahead

We are at the end. For those with ears to hear. This is what's happened and happening right before our very eyes. ISLAMIZATION OF THE UK FULL SPEED AHEAD Even so Come Lord Jesus. Amen!

My Response to those who teach there is no PreTribulation Rapture

Today I sent the following message to a YouTube teacher who believes and teaches  there is no PreTribulation Rapture. BEGIN QUOTE: "NicholasPOGM I highly respect your indepth research to fully expose the consummate evil of the Vatican, the true harlot, drunk on the blood of the Saints. Yes Sir,   I will follow your instruction and share with everyone that there IS a true Rapture before a  7 year Tribulation coming. (Reading your opening statement above.) [He had erroneously contradicted himself]... I have been studying this subject intensely for the past 10 years. The key reason there's so much false teaching about there being no Rapture or Tribulation is not properly dividing the word.  How to divide the word of truth 2 Timothy 2:15 = (DISPENSATIONALISM) .   I used to think it not a big deal to have differences in opinion on this, but over the years I'm now leaning on this being linked to the essential doctrine of atonement, i e. The Finished Work of Jesus Christ. If

For Those with Ears to Hear... "I Can Only Imagine" Movie and Song is anything but Christian. Do not be deceived.

. ..and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables... 2 Timothy 4:4... ...Lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices...  2 Corinthians 2:11 The latest rage is a supposed Christian movie based on popular supposed Christian song played often on so called Christian Radio, " I Can Only Imagine." Movie Trailer Frankly, when the song first became popular  I was taken in by the music and what I could tell of the lyrics.  And didn't give it much thought afterwards. I've since confessed to God for not being aware before engaging in the song. But when the song based movie came out and main stream media began promoting it as a great "Christian", faith based movie, my antenna went up immediately  and I began researching. Mature Christians know from experience based on God's word the world and the world's systems are NEVER in agreement with the things of God. "Know ye n

Feminism is a frontal attack on the SAINTS; Warning Women are not to be Preachers!

I'm going to put together a short comparison of 2 distinct teachings on the role of Women in the Church.  Here is a wolf in sheep's clothing Tom Horn who used to be a Pastor but now a full blown charlatan selling fear mongering tribulation and promoting ECUMENISM out of one side of his mouth and bashing the Vatican out of the other.  His latest great media blitz is promoting a closet feminist by the name of Donna Howell and her heretical false teaching book "The Hand Maidens Conspiracy" This book appears to be gaining traction as more low informed Christians are falling under Tom Horn's media blitz. Basically this Reprobate woman tries to tell unsuspecting souls that Paul didnt really mean that WOMEN ARE NOT TO PREACH (1Timothy chapter 2). She then goes on completely twisting scripture to show that Paul actually promoted a woman in cases to be in authority over a man. Hand Maiden Conspiracy by Donna Howell Here are a  few links on the opposite view which is th

High Rapture Watch Between Now through April 2018

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