Feminism is a frontal attack on the SAINTS; Warning Women are not to be Preachers!

I'm going to put together a short comparison of 2 distinct teachings on the role of Women in the Church. 

Here is a wolf in sheep's clothing Tom Horn who used to be a Pastor but now a full blown charlatan selling fear mongering tribulation and promoting ECUMENISM out of one side of his mouth and bashing the Vatican out of the other.  His latest great media blitz is promoting a closet feminist by the name of Donna Howell and her heretical false teaching book "The Hand Maidens Conspiracy" This book appears to be gaining traction as more low informed Christians are falling under Tom Horn's media blitz.

Basically this Reprobate woman tries to tell unsuspecting souls that Paul didnt really mean that WOMEN ARE NOT TO PREACH (1Timothy chapter 2). She then goes on completely twisting scripture to show that Paul actually promoted a woman in cases to be in authority over a man.

Hand Maiden Conspiracy by Donna Howell

Here are a  few links on the opposite view which is the Truth as given by divine, canonized scripture. Please do not fall prey to false teaching. Hold on tight to truth as given in the Bible. Do not be deceived.

Rock your Roll. The Truth about Woman's role in the Body of Christ.

What happens when a Woman Preaches/Teaches over a man

Feminism is evil


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