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#Netanyahu Christmas Greetings #ccot #IStandWithIsrael

Jerusalem Connection | | Jerusalem Connection | P.O. Box 20295 | Washington, DC 20041 One of the Best PM Netanyahu Delivers Christmas Greeting from ICEJ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday (December 21) to deliver his annual Christmas Greeting to the Christian world. In his traditional holiday greeting, Netanyahu stated: “To all of our Christian friends around the world, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I send you these greetings from Jerusalem. I'm standing in the courtyard of this magnificent International Christian Embassy. I'm so proud of our relations with our Christian brothers and sisters. I wonder for many of you if you remember the experience you had when you first visited Israel, when you saw the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or the Via Dolorosa or the Sea of Galilee or Nazareth. I'm sure it moved you deeply. And it moves us deeply to have this bond with you

Rapture Watch Christmas Hanukah #CCOT #Jesus #Messiah Prepare the Way of the Lord! AMEN!!!

By Tom Gaston:    God never slumbers nor sleeps !  And He is always there leading, guiding, and speaking to His children in many ways, that's if we will  listen to Him , and believe what He is telling and showing us!!!!!!!!!  While I was in the shower this morning my wife Jerry was getting ready for work. During this time we were talking about how impactive it would be upon the minds of the Jewish and Arab world if the J e s u s  came and got His Church on  C h r i s t m a s / H a n n u k a h e v e .  Not only would all the " Gentile evangelical Christians " be gone which would include all those " Arab believers in Christ " in the middle east and around the world, but most importantly all those messianic believers in Christ in the  land of Israel and around the world would have also v a n i s h e d f r o m t h i s e a r t h along with all the Gentile believers!     Wow!   What a powerful testimony this would be to the whole wo